Meri Durga 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rajveer tries to get evidence

Meri Durga 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer telling Durga and Yashpal that they had hidden the mobile, it was imp for him to hide mobile and note somewhere, he has seen a box and kalash, he has put the mobile in it. Yashpal says if we get it, we can prove Durga’s innocence. Rajveer says I knew Neelkant will never find for the evidence in his own house, he has added drugs in jalebis, but SP got it to temple, it means you had it because of him. She says no, he can’t do this.

He says remember he got against you without any proof. She says he can’t do this, I told him about you, he would have told his dad, my heart doesn’t agree, he is kiddish, he is not bad at heart, he can’t plan, he did that because of Aarti. He says Aarti is still part of his life. She says Aarti can’t convince him to do this.

Yashpal says I agree, Aarti, Neelkant and Gayatri are the culprits, what shall we do now. Durga says we have to get the box and proof from SP’s house. Rajveer says yes, come with you. She says no, you can’t go there. He says I can’t sit quiet till I prove you innocent. Yashpal says one small mistake will make your sacrifice go waste, we will have some patience.

Durga thinks of Sanjay. Mora piya….plays…. She says I can take his help, I have to tell him about his family. Yashpal comes and says no, you won’t tell him. She says I trust him. He says if he goes and asks his dad, what if his dad knows Rajveer is alive, Rajveer’s life will fall in danger, have patience. She agrees. He goes. She thinks if I tell SP about his family without proof, he won’t believe me. Rajveer sits recalling the past. He says I have to do something, I have to end this problem.

Rajveer goes to Neelkant’s house. He sees Neelkant leaving. Sanjay sees him. Rajveer says I m getting dizzy. Sanjay takes him inside the house. Durga looks for Rajveer and gets a note. She shows it to Yashpal. He reads… I m going to get justice for Durga, I will end this, I m taking yashpal’s phone. Durga says we have to stop him. Rajveer asks for water. Sanjay goes. Rajveer calls Durga. She asks where are you. He says I m in Sanjay’s house, keep Neelkant and Gayatri busy at hospital, I will get time to find the chest. Durga says Rana Sir is trying to find the chest, we have to stop SP’s parents. They reach hospital and see Neelkant and Gayatri leaving. She sees a patient and gets an idea. She asks Yashpal to come.

Rajveer thinks to check Neelkant’s room. He praises the furniture and asks Sanjau about old decor. Sanjay says everything got changed now. Rajveer asks did old things get thrown. Sanjay says no, its all kept in storeroom. Rajveer thinks to go storeroom. He says I have to go washroom. Sanjay guides him. Yashpal acts like a patient and praises Gayatri. He calls her Maa. Durga also comes in disguise to stop them. Rajveer looks for the box. He checks for the kalash and doesn’t get it. He thinks I failed to prove Durga innocent.

Aarti comes and sees Rajveer. Gayatri says we should go home now, Aarti would be coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no!! No no .. Aarti shouldn’t know that rana sir is alive .. Oh god!! Why did he go there soon? This aarti.. I hatr her??? I can’t stand her overreaction and ugly frame of mind.. Hope to see so and durga together sooon ??

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