Meri Durga 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal lying to the guard and entering Durga’s college. Amrita’s son plays around with Dadi. He checks post box and says there is nothing in this. Amrita says your Papa stays far, how will letter come so soon. Amrita gets sad while answering him. Yashpal dresses like peon and wears mask to hide face. A man asks him to clean the floor and goes. Yashpal sees Durga. Durga says I m ready for your and Aarti’s failure. Sanjay smiles. Durga says I will challenge something and you have to accept it. Sanjay refuses. She says I accepted your challenge, why are you scared now, you are a coward. Sanjay says I m not scared of anyone, you get that. She says I will choose the ground to race. He says what’s her way to cheat now.

Amrita cries. Dadi consoles her. Amrita keeps a

letter for her son. She recalls Madhav and says we did not get any news about Madhav, but he will come home, I have to do mum and dad’s duties for Umang. Dadi says you will do it well. Shilpa hides and hears them. She says I will break your son’s illusion. Durga says you have to accept this, else race won’t happen.

Sanjay says I won’t give you any chance to cheat. She says this is just tashan of lane kids, its not any official race, so keep your rules to yourself. Yashpal thinks what is she going to do. Union guy thinks she will do something right, I have to support her. He supports Durga. Aarti says no worries, I will win this race, trust me Sanjay, track does not matter. Sanjay agrees to Durga. Durga smiles. Yashpal thinks what does she want to do, did she go mad. Sanjay asks what’s this. Durga says track will come to us today, just this distance has to be crossed. Aarti says come, let’s start.

Durga asks the guys to open the track. Aarti gets shocked seeing the glass pieces and stones on the track. Aarti says this is cheating. Durga asks why are you surprised now. Aarti steps on the track and gets hurt. Durga smiles. Aarti says I accept failure, but even you can’t win. Durga says wrong, I will complete this and win too. Sanjay asks really, you are so oversmart, fine you will be the winner. Durga goes for race. Yashpal says she got mad. Durga goes and folds the track carpet, wrapping all the glass pieces and crossing the distance. Everyone claps for her. Sanjay asks are you mad, how did you win without running. She says I said about crossing distance, not to walk on the carpet, Aarti did not have courage and mind. She goes.

Panchayat people come to Yashpal’s house. Sarpanch asks Sheela why did she call panchayat at home. She says Bantu’s relation broke because of Yashpal. She cries and asks for justice. Dadi asks what is she doing. Brij says she got mad. Sarpanch asks which is that family who does not stay happy in relative’s happiness. She says its my family. Dadi says Sheela has sold her mind in greed. Union guy says Durga made you lose. Durga says I will leave now, have a good day. Sanjay says see how I win this election and throw you out of this college. Yashpal thinks just SP can help him now.

Union guy calls Durga smart and taunts her about steroids. Sanjay gets upset with Aarti. Yashpal comes to Sanjay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow…. so interesting track…

  2. I think that there will be much dragging in this serial….

  3. Hot news guy’s. Sp fallen for durga. And indirectly he is trying to make durga run again in life but indirectly.

  4. I love this good

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