Meri Durga 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay wants to find truth

Meri Durga 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay saying just my mum’s life is true, I don’t want to share it with any other relation, my wife didn’t come to look after me in hospital, I m taking a big decision now, you shall know it. Durga thinks of Sanjay. They get shocked seeing some pandits coming home and blessing Sanjay. Sanjay joins them. He says this is my Guru, I called them for Maha puja, its a big day, I will be reborn today, like a Sanyasi. They get shocked.

Sanjay says like I married Durga, I will accept solitary life. They all get shocked. Durga and Gayatri stop Sanjay. Gayatri says I won’t let you ruin your life, stop this. Sanjay says no one can stop me now. He sits for the puja. The puja begins. Sanjay sits praying. The man goes to shave off his head.

Durga stops Sanjay. She stops

the puja and asks them to stop the drama. She asks the pandits to leave. Sanjay gets angry. Pandit says this puja has got a hurdle, it can’t get completed now. They leave. Sanjay goes to his room. Gayatri calls doctor home. Durga comes to Sanjay and asks what did you say, you don’t want to see my face, what happened, tell me.

Sanjay says why will I leave you, we just united, calm down, everything is fine. She gets back. They fall on the bed. He says I will make everything fine. He kisses her. Gayatri tells the doctor that she doesn’t know why is Sanjay doing this. Doctor says maybe its a post accident trauma. Sanjay asks why did you call doctor. Doctor says we have come for routine test. Sanjay says I m fine, you can go. They take Sanjay for test. Sanjay asks Durga and Gayatri to stop them.

Gayatri asks Durga did she take revenge by doing this with Sanjay. She scolds Durga. Durga argues and says I know what you did at the hospital. Gayatri says I will take Sanjay away from you. Durga says if you are his mum, I m his wife, I have vowed to live with him, you can’t break our relation, I won’t let you break it. Sanjay looks on. He thanks the doctor for helping him. He says tell them what I told you. Doctor says don’t worry.

Gagan comes to Sanjay. Doctor asks the family not to stress Sanjay by anything. Durga asks about medicines. Doctor gives her prescription. He goes. Sanjay thanks Gagan for his help. FB shows Sanjay asking Gagan who got him to the hospital. Gagan says I won’t lie to you, we got much late, you were taken for the operation, it means Durga got you here, I have heard doctor saying if Durga didn’t get you on time, maybe you would have not survived. Sanjay asks why did mum lie to me, why does mum want to make me against her. He says I want your help. Gagan agrees to do anything for him. FB ends.

Gagan says I didn’t understand, what do you want to do. Sanjay says I want to bring truth out, if mum can do this to make Durga fall in my eyes, its imp to know if Gayatri lied about sting operation, their love will be proved, they both love me, true will be one who can keep truth in front of me for saving me.

Durga gets food for Sanjay and thinks I have mixed medicines in this food. He thinks Durga shouldn’t doubt that I m fine. He acts to sleepwalk. She holds him. They fall on the bed and have an eyelock. He thinks Durga can doubt on me.

Sanjay dresses as Durga. Everyone gets shocked. Durga says I didn’t get scared, you should be scared, very soon, Sanjay will see your real face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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