Meri Durga 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga wins the inter district race

Meri Durga 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the announcement being made for the wild card round of the race. Durga and participants run in the race. Durga wins the first round. The next round begins. Rajveer sees Neelkant and tries to recall. Aarti wins in her batch. Everyone gets ready. Aarti thinks she will make Durga lose. Durga thinks none can make me lose today, I have to win. The race begins. Durga and Aarti compete.

Rajveer recalls hearing the men talking to someone. He goes and follows the men. He sees Neelkant paying the men. Durga runs faster. Yashpal and Aarti ask her to run faster. Mumba cheers for Aarti. Aarti runs ahead. Durga tries hard to make Aarti lose. Neelkant cheers for Aarti and smiles. Rajveer stares at him and recalls how he got spotted by Neelkant, he has ran away to prove Durga’s innocence,

goons followed him, Neekant has hit him on head. Rajveer got caught by him. Durga gets ahead of Aarti and runs faster. Durga wins the race. Rajveer recalls his worse state when he was captive. Everyone gets happy by Durga’s victory. Aarti becomes first runner up. Everyone claps for Durga. Sanjay smiles. Yashpal hugs Durga.

Sarpanch gives the medal and trophy to winners. Durga becomes the winner. Aarti gets miffed. Everyone hugs Durga. Sanjay claps for her. Neelkant sees Rajveer and gets shocked. He thinks why does he look familiar. Durga says Rana Sir did you see how I ran. He says great. Yashpal shows the trophy to him. They shake hands. Neelkant looks on. Amrita signs Brij to see Neelkant coming. Brij comes in between and covers up. Sanjay says we should go to Aarti, she is waiting.

They leave. Durga gets Rajveer home. He says no need to find anything now, I have recalled everything, Neelkant has framed you, I have seen him. He tells everything how he tried to collect evidence against Neelkant. FB shows Rajveer seeing Neelkant and Aarti talking to the goons. He hears them and records their conversation in his phone. Neelkant asks Aarti to be careful and not let anyone know that they have drugged Durga’s jalebi. He asks the man not to mention that he knows her. Neelkant sees Rajveer and sends goons to catch him. He asks Rajveer about the mobile. Rajveer smiles and doesn’t say anything. Neelkant traps him. Durga recalls the past and thinks they ruined my entire life just for a single race.

Durga asks Rajveer not to go as his life is in risk. Rajveer says I have to prove you innocent. Yashpal says we have to wait and not let your sacrifice go waste.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope nothing happens to rana sir..
    I like his character ☺ this was a happy episode .?? hehe.. Where are the durga fans?? Why you guys are not Commenting.. Its such a nice episode..plz comment.. Durga hats of to you ????????

  2. Finally I am happy with MeriDurga serial. In the misdst of challenges envy and jealousy Durga pulled hats off to you .

  3. Yaar I like durga and SP together …… plz Unite them plz

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