Meri Durga 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay behaves weird

Meri Durga 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay being on the way with Gayatri, Neelkant and Gagan. He thinks of Gayatri’s words. Durga perfects everything. She waits for Sanjay at the door. Anjana asks her to go and get ready, Sanjay will reach in ten mins. Durga goes. Anjana gets the aarti plate and smiles. Durga gets ready and smiles thinking of Sanjay. She says it will be our new start today. She rushes to see him. Sanjay asks what’s this state of the house. Durga gets shocked seeing the ruined decorations. Gayatri says I asked the servants to decorate the house, but they have messed it. Durga cries. Gayatri does Sanjay’s aarti and asks him to come in. Durga sees Sanjay. He goes to the room.

Gayatri says you can act smart, but I will not let you snatch my son. Durga says I have done decorations with

so much wishes, and you have…. Gayatri smiles. Durga thinks I will be there with SP. Gayatri doesn’t let her go inside the room. Durga says I will sit here, but not go anywhere. She sits outside the door and cries. Gayatri goes. Durga falls asleep.

She hears music and goes out to see. She sees the decorations done. Everyone comes out to see. Sanjay comes there and smiles seeing Durga. He surprises her. Anjana asks Gayatri who did this. Gayatri signs don’t know. Sanjay dances on Badtameez Dil with Durga.

Durga dances happily. They fall down and have an eyelock. Everyone looks on. Durga says I will get water. Sanjay stops her. He lifts her in arms. Neelkant and Gayatri get shocked. Durga says everyone is seeing. He says so what, I have held my wifey. He says the man who has his wife’s support, nothing can happen to him. He takes Durga to their room. Gayatri worries. She says Sanjay is taking Durga’s side, I will find out why. Neelkant says come to senses, Durga can’t control him by any medicines, maybe she has controlled him by truth, maybe she has made him believe that we had done wrong with Durga. She says I won’t let Sanjay know this, I won’t let Sanjay and Durga unite.

Yashpal comes to meet Durga and says I have come to meet SP. She says you can come here anytime, come, SP is better now, don’t worry about me, he is there to take care of me, he has changed a lot, I wish everything stays fine. He says I wish too, are you fine. She says yes. Gayatri looks for Sanjay. She sees Yashpal. Durga says I don’t know about him. Sanjay does aarti, wearing a saint’s clothes. They all get shocked seeing Sanjay.

Sanjay gives prasad to everyone. Durga stops him. She asks what’s this getup, are you fine. Sanjay shouts get away. She asks why are you saying so. He says you are a liar, you are a punishment for me, you have broken my trust, I don’t want to see your face. Gayatri says its true, but what’s this getup. Sanjay says I m wearing this clothes to walk on the path of solitary life, I know just my mum’s love is true.

Doctor tells everyone that Sanjay is disturbed, they shouldn’t hurt him. Sanjay thanks Gagan and says I have proved myself mentally disturbed, I m doing this just to find the truth about Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Krishnaa

    Although SP behaved weird, Im happy that its all a drama… The serial may have lots and lots of loopholes but i dont get bored with it unlike some in which everything seems perfect except the content! Good going Meri durga!

  2. Gulcheher Phillips

    Please can you bring some happiness to poor Durga,she’s suffering too much now! Otherwise excellent story!

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