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Meri Durga 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi getting a call and leaving from home. Durga and her friends wait outside. They hide seeing Durga. They ask why are we here. Durga says I can’t say. Rishi talks to his friend on phone. He says your voice is not coming well, I will message. He goes back home. Durga says I did not get you all here to make you meet Rishi, I got you here to spy on Rishi, to find out whether he is cheating Amrita. Dulaari says Durga has beaten us with shoe, you want me to forgive this by one apology, Durga is wrong, its my mistake to join relations with your house. He says no, Amrita is like a cow, she got values from Annapurna, she will not give you a chance to complain, don’t punish her, we did not know what Durga is going to say, forgive her.

Durga’s friends say its Durga’s

mistake. She says I want to save Amrita’s life. Bansi says why will Brij get such bad proposal for Amrita. Durga says maybe Brij does not know complete truth. Manohar says how can you think wrong. They say Durga can’t be right, leave all this, did those men take Rishi’s name in their talk. Yashpal apologizes to Dulaari. Rishi asks Dulaari to forgive Yashpal. Dulaari forgives Yashpal and asks what about my relatives, they can’t forgive Durga. Durga says no. Manohar asks her to think if she is right or wrong. They leave. Durga goes after them. Dulaari asks Yashpal what to answer my relatives. Durga stops her friends and asks them to understand, I know they did not take Rishi’s name, but my heart is saying, they were talking of my Amrita Didi, follow Rishi with me. They refuse to waste time and skip studies.

Dulaari asks Yashpal to do tilak rasam from his house, and give good quality clothes to my relatives to convince them, they will forgive you, if you gave wound, you will apply ointment. He folds hands. Durga says you will know what sister means. Manohar says if you fail, you will go to Bhiwani and our friendship will end. She says yes, I don’t care. Bansi says what did you say, we did a lot for you. She says you both did not do everything, I helped you all, Amrita’s life can spoil, I will give you party, come with me. They argue. Yashpal is on the way and talks on phone, saying Dulaari has forgiven us, but have to explain her relatives. They tell Durga about Yashpal. She prays and holds their hands. Yashpal goes.

Durga argues with them again. Manohar says its being too much now, we are here and explaining you. She says no need, I wanted help, not Gyaan. Bansi says we will leave if she is not understanding. Yashpal’s cycle chain gets down.

Yashpal says I will get late to reach school. I will drop cycle at Dulaari’s house. Durga’s friends ask her to come for maths test. She refuses and argues with them. They return her bag and leave. They stop and see Durga. Durga cries and sits there. They leave. Yashpal tries to repair the cycle. Coach Rajbeer passes by and asks shall I help. Yashpal says Sir ji, its greasy, your hands will spoil by grease. Rajbeer offers help. Yashpal says I m going to my village, I m school peon, Principal will get angry if I get late, I came to this village for family purpose. Rajbeer asks him to sit on his bike. Yashpal thanks him.

Durga’s friends wait for her in bus. She boards the bus. She gets hurt in her knee. They all worry for her. She stays away. Rajbeer and Yashpal talk about sports. Rajbeer says I m sports teacher in Bhiwani, I m finding a girl who has run in the race, and failed all boys. Yashpal says yes, but she fell, I could not see her. Rajbeer says she is young, but has much courage, her left knee got hurt, she has run fast, pray that I get her, the day I get her, I will make her champion. Yashpal asks him to find in school. Rajbeer says she did not write school name and contact number, I just know her name, Durga. Yashpal says its coincidence, my daughter’s name is also Durga. Rajbeer stops the bike.

Durga buys tickets for herself and her friends. Bansi says I will return the money soon. Rajbeer asks is she your daughter. Yashpal says no, my Durga is different, she does not get time from studies, she does not waste time in sports. Rajbeer says body and mind stay healthy by sports, it does not get waste. Yashpal says right, but Durga is studying for maths exam. Rajbeer says she is a champion. Yashpal says she has to make the village name shine. Rajbeer says your thinking is great, I wish every parent encourages children like you. He drops Yashpal to school.

Yashpal asks for Durga. The boy says Durga did not come. Yashpal says she left early morning, give her tiffin. Durga studies in class. A boy takes hiccups. She thinks of Rishi. She recalls Yashpal’s words. She thinks to control her mind. She says I will pass maths exam first and then think of saving Amrita. She sees Yashpal.

Durga writes the answer on the board. Durga tells Yashpal to promise that he won’t get angry. Durga tells her friends that she will fight with both her problems alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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