Meri Durga 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rajveer recalls Neelkant’s crime

Meri Durga 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga asking SP’s dad tried to kill you. Rajveer says yes, he has tortured me. Yashpal comes and asks what happened. She says Rajveer is saying Neelkant wanted to harm him, maybe he is mistaken, why would Neelkant do this. Rajveer says don’t know, you don’t trust me. She asks why will he do this. He says I don’t remember his motive, I used to support you in race, its related to your training, I was removed from school. Yashpal asks him to take rest, they can’t blame anyone without proof.

She says we have to make Rajveer meet Neelkant, maybe he remembers something. Yashpal says Rajveer will have danger, just we know he is alive. Brij says yes, we have to hide him. She thinks and says there is one way, Neelkant will come to cheer Aarti, we will take Rajveer in

disguise, if we can reach his enemies, we can end the danger forever. Rajveer says I agree, Durga is right, we should do this, I have to go infront of Neelkant. She thinks if Neelkant is culprit, blame is big, should I talk to SP, no I should wait to know truth.

Durga comes home and asks what’s all this. He shows the chakki and says you have to give me wheat in time. Mumba trains Aarti and says you have to go faster. Yashpal asks her not to lose. Durga thinks winning is my aim. Brij takes Rajveer. He sees Neelkant and Gayatri and hides Rajveer. They leave. Durga thinks Rajveer would have got discharged till now.

Yashpal says you have to win, we have to get justice for Rajveer, I wish he recalls seeing Neelkant. She asks him not to worry. Durga and Aarti’s practice goes on. Durga takes everyone’s blessings. She asks Yashpal to stay around Rajveer and be careful. Rajveer asks her not to worry. She says I remember, I should focus on race.

Everyone comes in the race. Durga replies to Aarti’s taunt. She says your overconfidence didn’t let you win, go and prepare for race. Neelkant and Sanjay come. They cheer Aarti. Aarti hugs Sanjay and thinks I have won SP. Neelkant goes to Durga. She recalls what Rajveer said. He says you have courage, but its impossible to win over Aarti, all the best. He goes. Durga wishes Rajveer gets his memory back. Sanjay and Durga see each other. He walks to her. Ore mitwa…..plays…………. He recalls their moments. Brij and Amrita show Neelkant to Rajveer. Rajveer recalls everything. Yashpal asks Durga to have some jalebis. He feeds her. Rajveer looks on and recalls the past.

Rajveer says one thing more, Neelkant added drugs in jalebis, but SP got it to temple. Durga and Yashpal get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajveer is wrong here. SP had told his dad to put real jalebis in temple. But his dad bribed his goon and changed the real jalebi plate and kept the drugged jalebi plate instead. SP is not responsible. Aarti and Neelkant are responsible for what Durga and Rana sir went through. Aarti also was a part of Neelkant’s plan which SP has to know.

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