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Meri Durga 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone scolding Durga for asking such foolish question to Rishi. Brij says we all loved you, what did you do. Yashpal says Durga is troubling me, I m arranging money to educate her and she is making me fall in everyone’s eyes, I have forgiven her many times for hr mischief, but I will not tolerate misbehavior. He does not let Durga say. Annapurna says I have spoiled Durga by supporting her always, if we slapped her, we would have not got beaten up today. Sheela says make her sit on head. Amrita cries and goes.

Subhadra asks what enmity you have with Amrita, did you get peace doing this. Sheela gets a call. Durga asks Yashpal to listen. He scolds her. Sheela talks to Dulaari and says everyone is angry, I will talk later. Yashpal says you told a lot, remember one

thing, till you change, none will talk to you. Everyone get disappointed and leave. Durga gets alone and cries.

She says if Yashpal heard me once, he would have understood that the four guys were talking of Amrita. Sheela looks on and says Durga did that and now she is shedding tears. Dulaari asks what lie does Durga know. Sheela says don’t know. Dulaari asks did she hear us. Sheela says no, else she would have told our name, now none is agreeing to her, I stopped her tries. Dulaari says see Yashpal will fall in problem, he will apologize. Sheela says yes, now Durga will cut Yashpal’s pocket.

Durga goes to washroom and sees her face in mirror. She talks to herself innocently. She says none will come to me to ask what happened, Rishi will play his games, I won’t let anything wrong happen with Amrita, I will end Rishi’s game, I will reach his village and clear the matter, I will convince Yashpal, but if wrong happens with Amrita, I can’t see that. She takes phone from Amrita and checks Amrita’s apology messages to Rishi. She says sorry, you had to say sorry, but what to do, I love you a lot, if I m thinking right, they will say you sorry She wipes her tears. She calls her friend Bansi. She tells Bansi to listen carefully and do as she says. She tells something. He says fine, but why are we doing this. She says I will tell tomorrow. She ends call.

Its morning, Annapurna asks for Durga. Amrita says she left for school. Yashpal asks did you talk to her. Amrita signs no. Annapurna says what is Durga saying. Amrita says its fine, I spoke to Rishi and Durga was hearing us that day, someone had hiccups and we thought there was someone, when we asked Rishi, he said there is no one, so maybe Durga thought Rishi is lying, she asked him in childishness. Yashpal says we did not misbehave with anyone in our childhood, Subhadra is right, I have to be strict to her, now you both have to be strict towards her, let her just focus on exam.

He tells them that he is going to meet Dulaari. Sheela hears them and smiles. Durga tells her friends to board the bus fast. Her friend reminds her about Maths test. She says we will come back soon. They are on the way. The boy says maybe Durga wants us to meet Rishi. She buys the tickets. The boy asks her not to worry about maths exam and study on the way. He gives her the book. Durga worries. Bansi and Manohar talk and praise Rishi. Durga prays everything happens fine today. Durga opens the bus door and that hits Yashpal’s cycle. She shuts door.

Yashpal scolds the person for hitting him and goes. Durga and her friends get down the bus. Durga is scared that it was Yashpal. Manohar says you are scared and scaring us too. They go to Rishi’s house. Durga runs on the road. Yashpal is also on the way. Durga does not see him. Durga’s friend calls her out asking her to stop. Yashpal hears that and thinks did anyone call Durga. He turns to see and fails to see Durga, as she stopped for hr friends. Yashpal goes. Her friends say its tough to run with heavy bags. She says house is close, I have knee pain and I m running, you guys come.

Yashpal reaches Dulaari’s house. Durga says it will be bad if Rishi goes from home. Rishi gets ready. Yashpal rings the bell. Rishi opens the door and sees him. He asks him to come. Durga and her friends reach there. Her friend asks her to hurry up. Durga says you people got slow. They ask is this the house, we will ring bell. She says no, wait. They ask Durga to call Rishi. She thinks of Yashpal’s words and goes ahead. Manohar jokes. Rishi calls Dulaari. Yashpal greets Dulaari.

Durga says help me in exposing Rishi. Yashpal apologizes to Dulaari. She says tilak rasam will happen from your house. Durga’s friends encourage her to pass in maths exam. She thinks if I pass, Yashpal will hear about Rishi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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