Meri Durga 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Yashpal wins the race

Meri Durga 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Aarti and Neelkant insisting Sanjay to support Aarti in her training. Sanjay comes along. Yashpal trains Durga. They see Sanjay. Yashpal asks what’s he doing here, he should leave. Aarti asks him to complain when he owns the field. She taunts him. Sanjay stops her. Mumba asks ready for challenge. Yashpal says I m ready, come in the field. Mumba says you have to race with me. Yashpal says fine, but I have a condition. Aarti stops Mumba. Yashpal says track will be of my choice. Aarti recalls and thinks like Durga fooled me and made me lose, Yashpal is doing same. She asks coach not to agree. Coach says don’t worry, I will handle this.

Aarti says fine, you have to agree to our condition, you are racing because of me and Durga, so I challenge you Durga for a race. Yashpal

says no, Durga won’t run, her leg will get hurt. Durga agrees. She says we will run and win also. She accepts Aarti’s condition.

Everyone looks on. Yashpal shows the cow dung. Mumba asks what the hell, would I have to run in this. Yashpal says yes, what else, run and show now. Yashpal shows the starting point and says these two girls will hold our legs and run, we will run over hands, then we will wear the wooden slippers and run, then we will get the plough back, whoever reaches first will win. Aarti explains Mumba. Mumba says what nonsense, I won’t run. Yashpal asks did he get scared. The villagers laugh. Durga asks Aarti why can’t they run. Sanjay says its not needed. Durga says its needed.

Mumba says I m ready. Durga asks him to come. The race begins. Durga gets hurt. Sanjay and everyone worry. Mumba goes ahead. Durga says my leg got better, come fast. Sanjay smiles. Dadi says Yashpal and Brij liked this game, see there. Mumba runs ahead. Yashpal tries to run faster. They reach the plough. Yashpal gets back first. Sanjay, Durga and everyone get happy. Durga says Yashpal has won the race. Everyone claps. Yashpal asks Mumba why is he staring now, will he beat him. Mumba shakes hand and says well done. Yashpal and everyone smile. Yashpal says come home, I will make you have desi ghee. Durga smiles.

Durga and Brij are with Rajveer and talk about the race. She says I will call doctor. Brij says doctor checked him and gave medicines. Rajveer gets flashes and sees Neelkant hitting on his head. He shouts no and wakes up. Durga asks him is he fine. He says the man who tried to kill me is that trustee, I know him, he gave me injections. She says you mean SP’s dad, he wanted to kill you.

Yashpal says just we know the truth that Rana Sir is alive, Neelkant can try to get him killed again. Brij says we have to hide Rana. Durga says we will take Rajveer in disguise and reach his enemies to end the danger for once and all. Rajveer agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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