Meri Durga 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Durga wins the race

Meri Durga 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer telling Annapurna about Sanjay. Yashpal prays. Aarti sees Durga and thinks Durga can’t reach finishing line, I will win today. Durga gets ready and thinks of Sanjay’s words. She thinks this race is for SP. Sanjay gets treated by doctor. The race begins. Rajveer and Annapurna look on. Sanjay gets critical. Nurse says this was last injection. Doctor asks her to go and get injection fast. Sanjay’s family waits outside. Durga runs ahead of everyone. Aarti’s dad smiles seeing the pit. Nurse says injection is not available. Doctor says we don’t have time. Durga runs and falls inside the muddy pit. Everyone gets shocked. Aarti runs ahead.

Sanjay’s pulse goes flat. He drops his head. Commentators say where did Durga do, this happened for the first time that

track is wet by rain and faulty. Rajveer says how can this happen. Doctor checks Sanjay. Durga comes out of the pit. She thinks of Sanjay’s words. She sees Aarti running. Doctor pumps Sanjay’s heart.

Neelkant and Gayatri pray for Sanjay’s life. Durga starts running again. Rajveer says you don’t have to lose Durga. Durga runs with courage. Gayatri sees the diya flickering and worries. Doctor tries to revive Sanjay. She reaches close to Aarti and surpasses her. Aarti worries. Doctor says we couldn’t save him, he is no more. Gayatri protects the diya flame. Durga shouts SP and crosses the finishing line before Aarti. Sanjay gets back to life and shouts Durga. Everyone gets glad with Durga’s victory. Aarti and her dad get shocked. Doctor checks Sanjay and treats him again. Nurse says its really a miracle. Aarti’s dad pacifies her.

Durga cleans her face and clothes. Amrita says I m not able to arrange money, I think I can’t go Canada. Umang asks her to listen, he is hungry, give some food. She scolds him. Sheela takes Umang to give him icecream. Umang goes. Sheela asks why are you angry on Umang. She smiles. She fills her ears against Durga. She tries to help Amrita. She asks Amrita not to leave the chance and use fake visa to go abroad.

Durga asks doctor how is SP. Yashpal says he is fine now. Gayatri holds Sanjay. He says Durga…. Durga waits to meet him. Amrita meets someone for having a fake visa. She drinks the juice and faints. The man smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. I think the man is Durga real father who kidnap Amrita n so mom should thank Durga

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