Meri Durga 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay promises Gayatri

Meri Durga 21st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal and Mumba arguing. Mumba asks him to get out. Durga explains Yashpla what Muma is saying. Yashpal talks in improper english and scolds him. Mumba challenges him for a race. Gayatri tells doctor that she wants to go home. Sanjay apologizes to her. He promises to marry Aarti. She says great, we will start your engagement when I recover. He agrees. They smile.

Yashpal says we will just practice here. Aarti interprets. Durga thinks Yashpal will be losing out to Mumba. Yashpal says I will fight for my daughter, don’t underestimate me. He agrees for the race at 7am.

Durga explains Yashpal that he can’t win over Mumba. He asks her to focus on getting fine. They argue. Dadi asks them to keep quiet. Dadi encourages Yashpal. Durga tells Dadi about the race, the one who has victory will have rights on ground. Yashpal says I can do this, she got running from my blood.

Doctor says Gayatri wants to tell us when to discharge her, she has much pride. Sanjay hears him and scolds. He asks doctor not to say a word against Gayatri. Doctor apologizes. Sanjay sees Durga hurt and worries. She goes to brij and says I will take Rajveer out, have these medicines. Durga tells everything to Rajveer. She says I don’t like seeing you like this, I will not leave the culprits. Rajveer sees Neelkant and Aarti. He gets shocked and tensed. Durga says its good no one can recognize you. She takes him.

Yashpal sees Brij drinking and asks him to make a drink for him, he wants courage. Brij says you have challenged Mumba. Yashpal says yes. Brij asks him to find some middle way. Yashpal gets an idea. He asks Brij to make a big peg, it will be good if I get overdrunk. Its morning. Neelkant does discharge formalities. Aarti greets Sanjay and reminds of engagement. She tells about the new challenge posed by her Mumba. Neelkant and Aarti insist Sanjay to come and see the challenge.

Yashpal changes the challenge for Mumba. Durga smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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