Meri Durga 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga meets Aarti’s trainer

Meri Durga 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor suggesting they should take Rajveer to hospital for treatment. Yashpal agrees. Doctor asks Durga what happened. She says its just some sprain. He checks and says its serious, you should take bed rest, it can damage your nerves, you should walk and run for two weeks. They ask how can she run in race. Doctor says she should avoid even walking. She gets shocked. Doctor goes. Yashpal supports Durga. He thinks I know what Rana wanted to say and what I should do now. Durga sees the things Sanjay gave her and says sorry, maybe this happened well, your fate has some better girl than me. Yashpal gets ginger tea for her. He makes her sit and takes care of her leg. He says I m champion’s dad. She says I will manage on own. He says I know you are hiding worry. She says Rajveer

is still in anger, his life has threat, this bottle is not opening. He asks her to apply force. He helps her. He encourages her. She smiles. He says we will manage Rana, your leg will get fine by my magic. She asks what magic. He says trust me, I have some herbs, you will run like a deer. He does the aid. She says make me a promise, you will become my dad in every birth. He cries.

He jokes that he will be born as her son and take revenge. She says go, I will not talk. He says my daughter got annoyed. They laugh and hug. Yashpal and Durga get Rajveer to hospital. Neelkant gets Gayatri’s reports. He sees Durga and says whom did she get, Rana died in bomb blast, how can he be Rana. Sanjay and Durga see each other. Piya….plays………

He finds her hurt and asks are you fine, what happened to your foot. She says nothing, just a sprain. He says you have to take care, congrats, I heard about wild card entry. She says thanks, I know what I have to do, congrats, I heard about your and Aarti’s engagement. She goes and feels sorry. He feels sorry to hide why he is getting engaged to Aarti.

She goes to Yashpal. She asks how to leave Rana along. Yashpal says I did arrangements. Brij comes and says I m here, focus on practice, none can do anything to Rana. Yashpal says he is safe till Brij is here. Yashpal and Durga leave. Yashpal drops bangles on grass and tells Durga that her sprain will get fine this time. He asks her to pick bangles by the toe and walk. Hr asks her to keep pot on head as well. She says thank God Rana Sir was my coach in childhood, not you. He laughs. She does as he says. She falls down. He says its fine, you will do well, come.

Aarti comes and argues. Durga asks if her name is written on her equipments. Aarti says it has my trainer name, he is from foreign. She jokes on Yashpal. Durga taunts her. Aarti’s trainer Mumba comes. Aarti introduces Durga and Yashpal. Mumba says you are practicing with these bangles. He breaks the bangle. He says you are dreaming, go home and play with kids. Aarti says he is right, there is no place for weak in this championship.

Mumba and Yashpal challenge for dangal. Sanjay says I will marry Aarti. Durga looks on. Mumba asks Yashpal to race with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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