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Meri Durga 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela praising Bantu. The man says competition is big, Bantu be ready. Bantu says kabaddi is easy thing for me. The man goes. Sheela feeds Bantu. Rajveer says practice is imp today. Durga says my dad came to pay fees, don’t worry, I will run double speed, see my new uniform, its color is so good. He says it will suit you, we have to see if you can run well or not, you just think what helps you in winning and what makes you lose. He makes her practice.

Annapurna talks to Yashpal about Durga. Sheela thinks what’s the matter, he went to pay Durga’s fees. Yashpal says I did not need to pay fees, her education is happening for free. Sheela coughs hearing this. Yashpal says Subhadra got her admission done in poor students quota. Annapurna and Sheela get shocked. Sheela thinks

I will not spend more money on troubling them now.

Durga talks to Amrita. She says we came here to sleep after long time. Amrita asks her to sleep. She says I have to wake up early and go to work. Madhav comes there and says Amrita did not come office today, else I would have given this gift, its fine, I will give it now. Durga says Madhav makes you work a lot. Amrita says he is not so bad like you think. Durga says I understand everything, he is clever, he makes you work more as you are innocent, don’t worry, I will beat him. Amrita says save some talk for tomorrow, sleep.

Durga says I feel like someone is coming here. Amrita asks who is it. Madhav falls down and hides. Amrita says its no one, sleep now. Madhav sees Brij beside and says I got saved, I will get up now. Brij turns and holds him. Brij talks to him in sleep, and thinks he is Sheela. Madhav talks as Sheela and asks him to sleep. Madhav thinks to give gift in workshop and goes. Durga prays to win and does exercise. Amrita sees her and asks what is she doing. Durga says nothing, I m focusing.

Amrita asks her to continue. Durga practices. She comes to Bhiwani and meets Rajveer. He asks her to focus well, its race today. He gives her tips. She touches his feet. He asks her to become champion and come. She says sure and runs. He smiles. Amrita looks for Madhav. Madhav comes and asks are you finding me. She asks why will I find you. He says there is imp bag on your desk, go and see. She asks what’s in it. He says there is workshop items. Murli asks about new clients. Madhav says you gave them right time, call them. Amrita smiles and goes. She gets a gift. She opens it and sees earrings. Madhav looks at her. She smiles seeing the beautiful earrings. Madhav sees her and smiles. She gets his note. He writes thanks for supporting me, when none did. She sees him and smiles.

Durga’s friend looks for her. The race is going to begin. Durga’s friend finds Durga and asks her to meet her mum. Durga says fine, we will meet after race. Durga’s friend says please, just 5 mins, come and meet her, she has to leave. Durga asks where is she. Her friend says she was here, just sit, I will get her. She locks Durga and goes to Prince. He sends her. Her friend apologizes to Durga. Durga says please open the door, you know race is imp to me. Her friend asks Prince to leave Durga. Prince says she has to pay for this. She asks Prince will he expel her from school by telling his dad. Prince says no, but have this fear, I m trustee’s son. Durga says Prince has pressurized her to shut me here, I will come out of here and run in race. Prince asks his friend to stay here and not let Durga come out, I will go, Aarti will run instead Durga. Durga sees a window and hits it to open. She shouts for help.

Rajveer looks for Durga and says where is she, if she does not reach on time, Aarti will run in her place. Bantu opens the door and comes in. Durga hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Durga is a courageous girl, she will surely make it.

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