Meri Durga 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay blackmailing Durga to come with him to freshers, else he will jump down. Durga thinks he is just doing a drama. Everyone requests Durga to agree else Sanjay can jump down. Durga agrees. The girls find her lucky to get a partner like Sanjay. Sanjay comes downstairs. He holds Durga’s hands and says we both will remember this day, it will be going to be fun. Aarti looks on.

Yashpal waits for Durga. Durga thinks of Sanjay’s words and walks to home sadly. Yashpal finds her sad. She cries. He sees her crying and gets worried.

Neelkant talks about his business project. Aarti comes there to meet him. He says we will resume this meeting later, there is some emergency. He asks Aarti if she has something imp to tell. She says I thought to inform you, Durga is back.

He smiles and asks so what’s the problem. Aarti says she is going in freshers party with Sanjay, if she knows we were responsible for what happened with her five years ago, then….

He says Aarti, who is Durga, an ordinary girl, nothing else, she has no fire in her, she does not want to run now, we kept that person safe, by whom we can face risk, and about Durga going to freshers with Sanjay, don’t worry, he just has poison in heart for her, she will just get hatred, I know my son, he loves and hates with all his heart, did you keep that person safe. She says yes and leaves. He says Durga has come back in same college, why. He calls someone and tells some work. He smiles and says Durga invited problem by coming to Bhiwani.

Durga is at her veg stall and sells vegs. Yashpal sees her and smiles. He says I just came here for some work. He asks her if she is lying anything. He says I know everything. Till you have this stain burden, it will be problem, I take my challenge back, you spend your time in running, don’t refuse now. Durga says this can’t happen, I can face people, don’t worry.

Sheela tells Dadi about a proposal for Bantu. Dadi does not hear well. Sheela tells again. Bantu gets glad. Sheela says he will marry in rich house. Dadi says happiness will come home after long house, don’t worry now. Sheela says Yashpal will see things when he gets free of Durga. Aarti argues with Sanjay and asks him why is he going with Durga in party. She says you know how much I hate her. He stops her. He says you know me well, I hate that girl, the party will be fun, just wait and watch.

Amrita asks Durga what will she wear in fresher’s party. Sanjay and Durga get ready for the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So unhappy with diz leap yar. Missing ananya agarwal alot. And diz grownup drama also not working well. I just really hope dat running race track will start

  2. when I saw little Durga and her failure, always being a victim (the entire Yashpal’s) I stopped watching this but reading the updates in between. After hearing the leap I thought it will be interesting but it is worse than before. Directors and story writers have some sense while making serials. When you guys show about a little village girls success you should show that she has become more successful after facing all those hardships. Now all her hardwork and hardship went in vein. And its not interesting at all. 🙁

  3. What a silly trash this serial has become! The earlier phase with young Durga had some promise in the beginning, but it ended with totally unwatchable episodes that just oozed hate, devastation, extreme cruelty, and merciless injustice. After the five-year leap, the story has gotten worse, not better. Instead of becoming smarter and more capable of taking care of herself, she still remains the frightend polite child who lets others, specially the malicious Sanjay, take advantage of and bring her harm. And Yashpal is acting like a bigger village idiot than he ever was. Five years ago, the evil-doers were never punished. Now it seems, more evil will follow, and more innocents will be harmed. Just how long will this non-stop horror show continue?

  4. I think the makers of this show (writers etc) get a sadistic pleasure in arousing this kind of feelings in viewers. As per their usual line of conduct (reference the never ending bakwas in other serials) they will drag on this track because they do not have anything positive to offer! Maybe we should have to watch Durga and her family continue to suffer hardship upon hardship for some two years or more! Maybe Durga will get kidnapped or goons sent by Neelkant will attack her. Maybe this retarded Sanjay and his ever pouting Aarti will continue to humiliate her in front of all the college… maybe Neelkant will get Durga rusticated from college…. maybe Amrita’s son will get kidnapped…. maybe Madhav will return with a loss of memory…. maybe the villagers will set Yashpal’s house on fire….. What next…. A the end when the poor Durga will prove her innocence, she will meet with a car accident and die…. This serial was my favourite….. I am still watching it just to see to what extent the makers of this show will go to make evil triumph over good. This is the modus operandi of these awful serials nowadays!!! Shame on these people! Making money with these kinds of scraps!!!!

  5. vasantlal D. Patel

    All the above comments are eye opener for the serial producer & all requested to make durga strong & the truth must come out do not stretch serial to make money in episodes better to finish the serial & say goodbye if you can not give serial watchable as this is the common in present days & why we have to waste time in seeing this type of serial sorry but this is the fact
    except love, hate, kidnapping, etc why for? you do not get something best idea to make the serial thanks

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