Meri Durga 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay gets critical

Meri Durga 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga fixing the cart and taking Sanjay on it. She cries. Rajveer and Yashpal hear about some big accident from men. They ask the men about the accident. The man says Durga’s husband met with an accident, a truck has hit him, Durga has taken him to city hospital. They get shocked. Durga gets Sanjay to hospital and shouts for doctor. She says nothing will happen to you. Nurse asks Durga to fill the form. Durga says treat him first, he is bleeding. Doctor takes Sanjay to the ICU. Rajveer and Yashpal come to hospital and meet Durga. The man announces the runners’ names. Aarti goes for the race. The man asks Durga to come on the track. Annapurna calls Yashpal and Rajveer. She tells the man that Durga will come. The man says if she doesn’t reach on time, she will disqualify

and not be able to run in nationals.

Sanjay gets treated. Doctor asks them to go out. Sanjay says Durga, you have to run, you have to make Aarti lose, swear on me. Durga cries. Durga asks will he get fine. Doctor asks her to relax. Yashpal talks to Annapurna on call and says SP met with an accident, I m with Durga here. She gets shocked.

Doctor says we have to do his surgery, his survival chances are less. They get shocked. Durga tells Sanjay that nothing will happen to him. Gayatri and Neelkant come. Doctor says Sanjay’s state is critical. His surgery starts. They all pray.

Durga cries. Yashpal says nothing will happen to Sanjay, its time now…. The man announces for Durga again. Durga says no, how can I go, SP is fighting for his life, I can’t fulfill my dreams, I won’t go leaving him. Rajveer asks her to take SP’s spiritual thread, he has prayed for her win, he also wants her to run and win. She refuses. Yashpal asks her to think if she will break their trust or win for her SP’s sake. He ties the thread to her hand. He asks Durga to run, her win will be for SP’s life, a wife can get husband’s life from Yamraj. Durga recalls Sanjay and cries.

She runs to the stadium. Aarti smiles on not finding Durga. The man asks Aarti’s dad to see the grass patch, no one will know what they did with the track. Aarti’s dad thinks Aarti will become champion by making Durga lose. Aarti thinks Durga you have to come here, I want to see you losing. Durga reaches the stadium. Aarti sees her.

She thinks Durga’s state will get more bad now. Durga thinks to focus on the race, Durga Maa will save SP. She thinks of Sanjay’s accident. She prays that she doesn’t lose. Doctor worries seeing Sanjay’s state. He asks nurse to get more injections.

Durga runs in the race. She falls inside the pit. Aarti runs ahead. Sanjay drops his head. Nurse says patient is no more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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