Meri Durga 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Durga wins nationals

Meri Durga 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga thinking of Aarti’s words. She thinks of her family and her childhood moments. Everyone asks Durga to run. They encourage Durga. Durga gets thinking. Yashpal shouts run Durga. Durga thinks of her defamation and starts running. Everyone cheers for her and asks her to win. Aarti’s dad asks Yashpal to celebrate Durga’s win and then mourn for her death. Yashpal asks what do you mean. Aarti’s dad says look at tat needle fixed in the ribbon, that has poison, that will take her life. Yashpal gets angry and runs to stop Durga. He asks Durga not to win. Everyone thinks what happened to Yashpal. Durga takes the lead. He sees the needle. She finishes first and wins the race. Durga is announced as winner. Yashpal shouts Durga…. everyone claps for Durga. Durga faints

down. They all get shocked. Yashpal shouts out. Aarti smiles. Everyone wonders what happened.

Durga opens eyes and gets up. Aarti and her dad get shocked. Durga gets the needle and sees the locket which saved her. She thinks of Dadi’s words and thinks Mata Rani saved my life. She thanks Maa. Durga runs happily. Everyone claps for her. Yashpal happily cries. The man says this girl made a new record, she did amazing. Durga sees little Durga running along and thinks I have run in happiness, sorrow, for my family and for myself, I have always run, today my running had made everyone happy, I have started running for this day. Little Durga smiles and wishes her. The man says national winner is Durga, while Aarti came fourth, second runner up is Palak, first runner up is Shivani. They get the medals. Everyone claps. Durga gets her medal and trophy. Everyone cheers for her.

The man asks Durga to say a few words. Durga says its said small town people shouldn’t see big dreams, even then they don’t get any medium to fulfill dreams, my win has proved it wrong, one needs courage and family’s support to fulfill dreams. Everyone claps. Durga says my dad… She gets Yashpal on stage. She says my dad left a son’s dream after I came in his life, he was sure a girl can also make family proud. She makes Yashpal wear the medal.

She says my family supported me, Durga is in your homes too, she needs your support, you can also encourage your daughters, daughter isn;t a burden, not just sons are support, save daughters and educate them, daughters can make you proud. Yashpal says my daughter made me proud and also her village, my family got free of the old stain, I have a request, I want you to take Durga’s medical test once. They all get shocked. The man says now what’s the need. Yashpal says it wasn’t needed five years before also, but she was doubted to have drugs, this time I want all doubts to get cleared. Sanjay cries. Yashpal says Durga was innocent and she is innocent even this time.

Yashpal blesses Durga. Sanjay and Durga dance on jai jai shiv shankar…. Aarti’s dad hides and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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