Meri Durga 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga exposes Gayatri

Meri Durga 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying Yashpal worked hard after my dream and I became a national champion, then I was framed in drugs case, my family has faced much insult, after that day, I decided I willl never run, my parents gave me courage, I begged I didn’t take drugs, but no one heard me, as I had no proof of my innocence. She cries and says I decided to reveal a big truth today. Neelkant thinks what is she saying. She says everything is in this video.

She asks Yashpal to play video. Yashpal asks media to see well. They all see Neelkant and Gayatri accepting their crimes. Everyone gets shocked. Rajveer smiles. Sanjay looks on shocked. Durga says this is the truth, I was given drugs, that’s why I have faced a lot, my family and connected people have faced much problems, you all would

have got shocked if I could give proof of that. Rajveer thinks Durga is very strong, I m proud of you. The people see news. Reporter asks why did Gayatri and trustee do this, what’s their profit. Durga says Aarti Singhania was my competitor, she was made the winner after I lost, Neelkant and Singhanias have business, Neelkant promised him that he will make Aarti a national champion, so I was framed and made out of competition, Aarti never had talent to win over me, they have used my innocence.

Reporter says if you knew this, why did you wait. Durga says no, I got to know this some time back, if I said this without proof, you all would have made fun, so I gathered proof and I m here today. Aarti’s dad Purushottam Singhania stops Gayatri. He asks her to answer.

Gayatri says I don’t want to reply on any lie. He says Durga has video also, its big proof, I didn’t expect this from you. Neelkant says I will explain. Singhania says no need to explain, its all over now, that girl failed you, you all should have shame, you lost to that ordinary girl, I have to end all relations with you now, my company and daughter’s name is raised in media, I won’t let this come on me, our deals cancel from today, I will not pay your loans, I want my money back in three months, else get ready to lose this haveli. They get shocked.

He says Gayatri’s name will be removed from presidentship, I can’t have Aarti’s relation with this family. Reporters ask Durga to send them to jail, file defamation case, does she want to stay silent. Yashpal says we are simple people, respect, honesty and truth are big things, Durga is proved innocent, its enough for me, she is a real player, one who did wrong with her, she will answer them by winning, we trust Lord, he will punish culprits and do justice with us. Durga says this is our decision. Yashpal thanks them for listening. Neelkant says this will get fine, we will get ruined if company sinks. Singhania says you should have thought before, everything ended. He tears papers. He goes with Aarti. Media stops Aarti and asks about Durga. Her dad defends and lies. Media questions Gayatri.

Durga comes home. Everyone claps for her. Annapurna does her tilak. Everyone blesses her. Villagers praise her. Yashpal says she did a lot to return our pride. A man removes slipper and throws at Gayatri. Sanjay catches it. He gets angry. He scolds them and asks them to get out. Sanjay stops Gayatri and asks what’s the truth, did you do all this with Durga, answer me. She cries.

Durga stops Yashpal from cleaning the stain remark. Sanjay apologizes to Durga. She looks for her family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel sanjay is acting to be good to.durga. I feel he came bak to take revenge on durga about his parents insult as his mom would have convinced him by doing something and he would have again fell on her words.

  2. Durga looks for her family means…..?
    Finally the truth is out to the villagers.. Now who should be ashamed???to the villagers
    Durga seriously you are very brave and strong as thought by Rana sir…
    I am super happy..

  3. Is Sanjay going to marry durga to take revenge on Durga and her family ? Is he acting good in front of durga inspite of knowing the ugly truth of his parents ?

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