Meri Durga 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone cheering for Aarti. Last call for Durga is made. Durga comes there. Aarti and Sanjay get shocked. Rajveer says I did the bandage, but you will get pain relieve if you rest, running can make your bone break. Durga says its fine, I can’t break my dad’s dreams, I will run for him. Yashpal prays for Durga in temple. Rajveer wishes her best of luck. Durga goes for the race. The race begins. Yashpal sees the idol and fixes the broken part. Durga runs in the race. Aarti leads the race. Durga falls down. Rajveer gets shocked. Durga gets hurt. Yashpal fixes the idol. He says Durga is working hard, help her. Durga recalls Yashpal’s words.

Yashpal says she failed once, give her strength to win this time. Durga says Jai Bajrang bal and gets up. She starts running. Jai

hanuman….plays………… Durga runs faster. Everyone look on and cheer for Durga. Aarti and Durga have a tough competition. Rajveer cheers for Durga. Durga reaches the finishing line. Aarti and Durga reach the line together. The man says we will wait for expert advice to get final results, but Aarti has won this race. Durga sits down and cries holding her injured foot. Shri runs to Durga. Sanjay and everyone congratulate Aarti. Shri says you have run faster, I did not see Aarti running like this ever, I m so proud of you. Rajveer comes there and sees Durga crying.

He says you have run so faster Durga, I m so proud. He sees her wound bleeding and does the bandage again. He says I did not expect you will run so faster despite this wound, you have ran well. The man says results have come, the winner is Aarti. Durga gets shocked. Aarti and everyone smile. The man announces first runner up Durga. Rajveer goes. Shri takes Durga. Rajveer checks race footage. He gets shocked. He goes and stops the prize distribution. He says before announcing winner, we should see race footage. He asks Jaggi to play race footage.

Jaggi plays the footage. Rajveer shows them the footage of Durga stepping ahead of Aarti. He says Aarti’s hand touched the finish line, but Durga’s body crosses the line first, the winner is Durga. Durga gets glad. Aarti gets shocked. Rajveer says Durga you have won, you did it. Everyone clap for Durga. Durga gets the prize by principal. The boy says Aarti lost to this new girl. Sanjay looks on. Durga, Shri and Rajveer smile. Aarti makes an angry face. Principal says Aarti, you have to be in team as Durga’s standby, congrats. Rajveer says don’t let this passion end, you have won today, yu will go far. He smiles.

Amrita apologizes to Madhav. Madhav says thanks and sorry are not allowed in friendship. Subhadra scolds Durga. Amrita tells everyone about someone paying Billu to tease them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Totally disgusting. How can young children, Aarti and her friends, be so cruel, malicious, vicious like animals and gloat with pure pleasure when Durga is seen fallen and bleeding from her wounds? No other country in the entire world produces children as despicable as these Indian children, Aarti and her circle of friends who are complete imbeciles , who are never punished, who will never have any regret for their dastardly deeds.

    1. What do you mean by no other country in the entire world produces children as despicable as these indian children? How many countries u have visited? On how many children of different countries u have done research? I guess u r NRI… Proud of u man for such thinking… I feel u r saying right for aarti n her frnz but how can u generalise it that such kids are found or in your language produced in INDIA.

  2. End this bullcrap shit of a show!!??????

  3. Article and her friends are so cruel but in the pass episodes sanjay has been feeling bad a little

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