Meri Durga 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga going to give the cards. Someone kidnaps her. Durga gets shocked. Brij says you did mistake, it does not mean you punish yourself, Yashpal will not wish to marry a liar. Amrita says entire village knows about my marriage, Yashpal always supported me, I can’t give him sorrow, I m strong to manage this cheat, I can’t trouble him, I have to do this. Brij says I don’t know am I doing or wrong by supporting you, I wish Lord gives you strength, stay happy.

Durga sees her friends and looks around. She asks what’s this madness, where did you get me. Manohar says we got you to talk, we will help you in marriage work, promise us. She says no. They say you are made to run. She asks them to forget. They ask her to think for villagers, we can get a railway station. She says

I don’t want to think. Madhav gets a necklace for Amrita. He asks her what happened, is everything fine, see this, how did you like this, you can tell me. She goes. He gets shocked.

Sanjay stops Durga and says we have seen you, you are best in running. She says I can’t be selfish, I have to help my dad. Durga goes and helps Yashpal in work. She finds the bag in which he locked her books. She tries to open it. Yashpal sees her and gives the keys. She thanks him. She sees her trophy and medal. Amrita gets her anger out on a painting. Madhav comes and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She calls a tailor and asks about the dress. She says you broke my trust, I agreed because of you, its happening for what I was scared, you are cheating at last time, I did mistake and have to bear it now, I can’t blame you. She stares at Madhav. He gets shocked. She goes.

Madhav thinks I know I m cheating Amrita, but I m going to save you from cheat, I m scared to lose you, I love you a lot. Durga recalls her running in the race and cries. She thinks I wish I could make dad feel my happiness, its fine I will fulfill his dreams. Annapurna sees her crying and thinks I can’t see her like this, I have to do something. She takes food for Yashpal. He refuses to have kadi. She says you don’t like this and not eating it, why are you hurting Durga then. He asks her to leave it.

She says you come with me and see what you did with Durga. They see Durga crying. She says her tears won’t end this way, she smiles in front of everyone, don’t ignore this, her happiness is in running, we did not give her birth to make her cry. Yashpal cries. He reminds how she has given birth to Durga, they thought the baby will fill happiness in their lives. He says Durga is not able to see her bright future, but we can see this and take her to right path, her likes will change, she will forget running some day, life will not get a chance again. She says if Durga does not change then. He says it can’t happen, just give me 24 hours time, I will show you, then you see, Durga will forget everything.

Durga asks Yashpal did he forgive her. She hugs him. Annapurna asks Amrita to take ring size of Madhav. Yashpal takes Annapurna to Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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