Meri Durga 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay exposes Gayatri’s truth

Meri Durga 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay shouting Maa and taking Gayatri with him. He asks her not to say a word, because you just lie, see this documents. He throws the papers. He says its truth of your cheap past, I got to know everything. Neelkant asks what are you saying. Sanjay says maybe you don’t know this, Gayatri has cheated all of us, we have seen her one face, but she has hidden another face from me, she is Jassi, an athlete. They all get shocked.

Neelkant asks what nonsense is this. Sanjay gives the papers and says ask her am I lying. Neelkant checks papers and asks her to say what is Sanjay saying. Sanjay shows the tattoo on her leg. They get shocked. Sanjay says this tattoo isn’t my birth time, its her record time, which no one could break till now, she has fooled us, I trusted her

the most. He gets a knife and says no one will come close, why did you do this mum, and you Durga, you loved me right, love means honesty, you didn’t tell me the truth, you knew this, you both broke my trust, I don’t want to live now. He stabs himself. They get shocked.

Sanjay falls down. Gayatri says I had no courage to tell you truth, open eyes. She asks Durga to get away, she has broken the promise and told truth to Sanjay. Durga says no, I didn’t say anything. Gayatri says I will not leave you if anything happens to Sanjay, call the doctor, you will get mum’s curse, I wish I added poison instead drugs in jalebi, my truth would have not come in front of Sanjay. She cries. Sanjay opens eyes and gets up. He says answer me, what did you say, get away.

He hits his hand at wine glasses. His hand bleeds. Sanjay says you lost the right to call me son, I m not your son, I hate you. She asks him to listen. He says you know the meaning of love, a child trusts his mum the most, knowing his mum will never cheat him, she will always be with him, a child regards mum as Lord, when mum breaks his trust, he loses trust on everyone, stay away, whom shall I trust, tell me, I hate you. She says don’t say this. He says you lied to me about Durga’s sting operation, this started by your one lie, that you got me to hospital, I remember Durga getting me on the cart, I thought I should find out if you lied more and this came out. He scolds her and goes. Everyone consoles Gayatri.

Sanjay recalls everyone and tears Gayatri’s pic. Durga comes to him. He says go to your parents, we are bad people, I don’t deserve you, we won’t know keeping relations, we just know playing with relations. Durga says calm down. He says you said right, when I know the truth, I will regret a lot, I didn’t know I will burn in the fire of repentance, I have hurt you a lot. She wipes his tears and says you were helpless, stop blaming yourself, you didn’t know anything.

Durga says Sanjay will forgive you. Gayatri hides the gun when Sanjay comes. Sanjay refuses to forgive Gayatri. Umang says Madhav is my dad. Amrita says Umang is saying true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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