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Meri Durga 1st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subhadra asking Durga to come and have food. Durga comes and sees two plates. She takes the plentiful food plate. Subhadra says don’t sit there, come sit with me. Shri says so much food in my plate and just dal roti in Durga’s place. Subhadra says Durga just came and water change can affect her, I will increase her food when I know what food suits her. Shri asks will one roti be enough for her. Subhadra says I will make more food for her if she feels hungry, she should have less food to stay healthy, you think I m doing partiality with her, she is my brother’s daughter, I don’t want to make her ill. Durga nods and smiles. Durga thinks of Yashpal and goes to sleep.

Yashpal asks for his kurta. Annapurna asks him to wear any other kirta. Durga has the kurta with her.

She hugs it and sleeps. Subhadra sees her and says emotional drama, she is sleeping holding Yashpal’s kurta. She asks Durga to wake up soon, its first day of school. She moves her. Durga wakes up calling Yashpal. Subhadra asks what’s this, did I not give you any blanket. Durga says I was missing dad. Subhadra gives her uniform and asks her to get ready fast. Durga asks for Shri. Subhadra says she goes to two classes and then goes to school, you try to wake up soon, I have much work, I will sweep room and then go. Durga says no, I will sweep the room. Subhadra asks really, you are so lovely, fine sweep room, I will go.

Yashpal asks for same kurta. Dadi scolds Brij. Yashpal goes and asks what happened. Dadi says Brij got mad. Brij says we have big house, everyone has own rooms, why don’t we give one room on rent. Yashpal gets shocked. Durga asks Subhadra to do her work, I will do all work here. Subhadra acts sweet.

She says Amma never gets glad even if I do much work, there is much work, there is no one to help me. Durga says I will help you. Subhadra says thanks, I love you, get ready, I will prepare your breakfast. Brij says we can get money, is that bad. Yashpal says no, but we have young girls at home, stranger won’t be good. Brij says we both will secure family, who will dare to do this, its better to give room on rent than taking loan, think well. Yashpal says don’t worry, I will manage.

Durga cleans the room. She keeps Yashpal’s kurta in her bag. Brij says fine, as you wish, there is no forcing. He says it will be Durga’s first day in big school. Yashpal says yes, its imp school towards, I would have fed her curd and sugar. Dadi says Subhadra also has my values, she will feed curd and sugar to Durga. Subhadra gives one rupee to Durga. Durga sits to have food. Subhadra says wait, you are getting late, have food on the way, I gave you one rupee, have sweets and go, its your first day, run, else school gate will get shut. Durga runs and thinks was this the route. She gets hungry and sees a shop. She asks for one samosa. The man says samosa does not come in one rupee. She see 15rs samosa rate and goes to small stall. She does not get anything for one rupee.

Yashpal prays in temple and gives prasad to pandit. Pandit keeps bhog and gives prasad back. He asks do you have any lottery. Yashpal says no, Durga has big day in school, she would be reaching school now. Durga runs and school gate closes. Yashpal says I saw big dreams for her. Pandit says when its special thing, you should have been with Durga, she would have got courage. Yashpal says no, when she left, I could not see her leaving, I would have not come back if I went there, it needs courage to make heart away. He goes.

Durga asks guard to open the gate, I just came late by some time, its my first day. Guard says this door won’t open now. She requests him. He says its rule, once gate shuts, it does not open, just go, you can jump over wall and fly to go. She runs.

Amrita thinks anyone would have not tolerated Madhav, if I m not wrong, why to get scared, he did wrong with Yashpal, I should be strong. She comes to the workplace. Madhav sees her and says very good, I expected this from you, you took good decision. She says I will also keep personal things separate, villagers girls can break, but not bend in front of anyone, check my work. Madhav checks the file. He gets surprised and says very good, you can join job from today itself, welcome. She goes. He says see how I break your ego.

Durga races with Aarti in the school. Aarti gets tensed and turns. Color falls over Madhav’s shirt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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