Meri Durga 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga gets a second chance

Meri Durga 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga telling Yashpal that she wants to come with him. They go to know the ministry decision. Media says we will update if she gets a chance or not. Yashpal says she should get a wild card entry. He praises Durga. He says it will be injustice to stop her. The man says no, she has presented a wrong example by risking life and proving her talent, she should have run in race before. The men go to decide. They all discuss about Durga’s passion. They all have a voting system and ask Vipul to give vote also. Vipul says you all start voting without me.

They all do voting and get equal votes in and against Durga’s favor. Vipul looks on. Yashpal asks Durga not to worry. Anjana comes home. Sanjana asks how is mum. Anjana says she is in critical state, she is upset with you,

don’t worry she will get fine and come home. He worries for Gayatri. He sees the news about Durga.

Vipul comes and tells Durga about the voting result. She checks and says she got selected. Vipul recalls giving her the vote. Everyone gets happy for Durga. Yashpal says my daughter will ruin and win also. Durga says I m feeling very happy. Everyone sees the news and gets happy. Annapurna thanks Lord. Brij says Durga made our head high. Annapurna says she made our name shine. He agrees.

Yashpal says I m happy, my daughter got justice. Neelkant and Aarti get angry. Rajveer smiles seeing news. Brij says now we can stay in village and do our work, it all happened because of durga’s good intentions, panchayat changed decision, they were talking of Durga. He asks Durga not to make any mistake, else she won’t be forgiven this time. She agrees. Yashpal says I will go and come. Brij feeds halwa to Dadi.

Aarti says everyone got wrong, Durga got selected, Gayatri got unwell, my engagement postponed. Her dad says I will hire best coach for you, you also have talents, we will have the controls in hand. Neelkant comes and says Gayatri finds solution before problem. Durga thanks Rajveer and says I have crossed a big hurdle, I will run and win. Rajveer says I m proud of you. Durga and Yashpal get glad. Doctor says he is improving, we should shift him to hospital for treatment. Neelkant says Gayatri also worries for your win, she has appointed an international coach for you. Aarti gets happy. Neelkant says its impossible to make you lose, she will meet coach for training. Aarti says I will see how Durga stays in front of me.

Durga and Yashpal get Rajveer to hospital. Neelkant looks on. Sanjay worries for Durga. She asks him not to worry for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When did rajveer regain conscious… Rajveer I love him.. GWS durga all the best

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