Meri Durga 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: SP meets with an accident

Meri Durga 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking so you have come back. Durga says yes. Aarti’s dad calls Sanjay and asks how dare you cheat me, you had to stand against Durga and defame her, you didn’t do good by saving her. Sanjay scolds him. Durga says Guru’s place is equal to that of Brahma, I gave this place to you, its my imp race, if I get selected, I will get a chance to run in nationals, bless me. She goes. Sanjay asks don’t you have shame, you are a daughter’s dad, how could you defame someone’s daughter, be thankful that I didn’t expose Aarti’s doings, I have saved her and paid your favor, don’t call me again. He goes out. Gayatri asks what’s the matter. He says I have to drop Durga to the ground. She asks where were you last night. He recalls Durga. He says nothing, I m getting

late. He goes. Durga says how will I reach there, auto strike had to happen today. She prays. Sanjay comes there.

He asks her to come, he will drop her. She says I will manage. He says if you don’t reach on time, it will be a problem, so your ego is bigger than the race. She stops him. He asks her to hold him tight, he will drive the bike in high speed. She holds him. They leave. Yashpal, Rajveer and Annapurna reach the stadium and look for Durga. Rajveer says call Durga and ask her where is she. Yashpal calls Durga. She says I m on the way. He says she is coming. A veg stall comes in front. Sanjay applies brakes. He asks Sanjay is she fine. She says yes, are you fine. Her phone falls down. Sanjay goes to get it. Truck driver checks message and doesn’t see in front. He sees Sanjay and applies brakes. It gets too late. Sanjay gets hit and falls far. Truck driver speeds up and leaves. Durga gets shocked and shouts SP. Rajveer says I hope everything is fine, Durga maybe in trouble. Durga holds Sanjay and asks people to help her.

The man asks Durga to take him to hospital, there is auto and taxi strike today. She asks people to help her. She prays. She asks the man can she take the veg cart. She throws away the vegs and makes Sanjay lie on it. She drags the cart. Aarti’s dad asks is plan ready. The man says Durga can’t win the race today. Aarti recalls men digging a pit and covering it with the grass patches. Durga takes Sanjay. Aarti and her dad smile. Aarti says I can’t see Durga winning this race.

Sanjay falls down the cart. Durga worries. The man says Durga will disqualify and can’t run in nationals. Durga puts Sanjay back on the cart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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