Meri Durga 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay saves Durga’s family

Meri Durga 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone cheering for Durga. Neelkant and Sanjay free Yashpal. They beat goons. Gayatri frees Dadi and shouts to Amrita. Yashpal and others look for Brij and Rana. Aarti’s dad comes to her. Aarti says you said Durga won’t come here, what’s all this. He asks her to come second even if Durga comes first, she won’t be able to celebrate her victory, go for your race. Sanjay sees Rajveer tied and sees the wires. He thinks from where are the wires connected, I have to save him. He breaks the board and checks the wires. He frees Rajveer.

Dadi calls out Amrita and Banti. Sanjay beats the goon. Dadi asks where is Brij. The runners’ race are announced. Durga sees Palak and greets. He sees the other girl too. Brij, Sheela and Bantu get saved. The man says if Durga touches the finishing line, this needle will take her life. He dips needle in poison and then fixes it to the ribbon.

Sanjay and everyone get shocked knowing about Amrita. They all rush and look for Amrita. Durga waits for her family. Yashpal asks everyone to get silent and try to hear. They find Amrita. Sanjay shows the bomb. Yashpal asks what will we do. Rajveer says its just 30 secs, open the wire. They ask him to be careful. Sanjay pulls the wire. He takes the bomb and throws it away. It explodes outside. Durga gets glad seeing her family fine. They all wish her. Aarti smiles and goes to Durga. She says you will lose your life when you win this race, that needle has poison, you will get in contact of it and die, then collect gold medal from Lord, if anyone else reaches ribbon first, you will get saved, decide, victory or death. Durga sees ribbon and recalls everyone’s words.

Yashpal shouts run Durga. Durga runs and gets hurt by needle. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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