Meri Durga 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 19th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij asking Sarpanch to sit. Yashpal and Durga come. Yashpal greets sarpanch what is the matter. Sarpanch says you did not tell us about Amrita’s marriage, do you want to stop your food and water supply in this village. Yashpal says no, I forgot to tell being busy in Durga’s exam. Sarpanch scolds him. He says you know meaning of village, it means big family, we would have same ancestors, Amrita is the daughter of entire village, so the entire village will support you in this marriage. Everyone get glad and smile. Yashpal and Brij greet Sarpanch. Sarpanch says you won’t come to take your rights, so I came here to do my duty. Sheela thinks Yashpal has good fate.

Sarpanch sits and drinks water. He says according to Panchayat tradition, you will get 10000rs for marriage

and villagers will help you as per their status. Amrita thanks him for solving Yashpal’s problem. Sarpanch says I know Yashpal since long, he did a lot to raise his siblings, he never said anything, you can take my help anytime. Durga asks can I ask something, I want glasses for Yashpal.

Sarpanch laughs. Yashpal says no, I don’t want anything, go and study. Durga goes. Durga and her friends talk in school. Yashpal fixes a banner. He is unable to see well. Durga thinks what’s that poster. His hand gets injured. Durga and everyone run to him. Yashpal says I m fine, I could not see without glasses. Durga says we will do this. Durga and her friends fix the poster. She thinks Yashpal got injured because he did not have glasses. She reads the race competition, first prize is glasses voucher. She thinks race is tomorrow. Her friends say you can easily do this. Durga says Yashpal will never let me participate, its Amrita’s rasam tomorrow, what to do without telling hi, how will his glasses come. Bantu asks for water and sweets.

Subhadra talks to Yashpal. She says if internet phones helped in studies, all schools would have ended, send Durga with me to Bhiwani, no need to wait for result. Durga and her friends come home. Durga’s friends lie to Yashpal that Durga should go to Amrita’s rasam, but he wants to solve sample maths papers. Manohar says Durga can go to rasam. Durga says I will not get late, I will solve paper and come on time. Yashpal says she is right, studies is imp, what will she do in preparations. Durga smiles. Annapurna says how will Durga come alone. Subhadra says she will come, Durga is clever, not foolish. Yashpal says yes, so Durga come there.

Yashpal asks Subhadra to see Durga is changing, she can work hard and make her fate, this time she will pass with good marks. Durga hears them. Coach tells his students to work hard, result will come good, give your 100 percent. The kid says I did not understand anything, tell me shortcut to success. Coach asks where are your bodyguards. Kid says they just come to pick and drop me. Coach jokes.

He tells the boy that you are not running tomorrow, you don’t have sportsman spirit, you sleep. The man asks do you think that girl will come. Coach says yes, I think she will come, I could not forget that run, my heart says I will get her here. Amrita calls Rishi and talks to him. He talks sweet and asks her to sing a song. Durga suggests the song. Amrita sings hum tere bin….. Durga asks why did you get hiccups. Rishi says no, I was…. The call ends. Amrita says I think he ended call. Durga says why did he disconnect call. Amrita says his phone is off. Durga says I think there is someone else with him.

Durga and her friends act to study in front of aunty. The boy says we are going to solve sample papers. Aunty says you will pass one day, I will lock door from outside and go. They think they got stuck. He says we will lock from inside. Aunty says no, you all are young, I m going in satsang, I will come in some time, study well. She locks the door and goes. Durga thinks how to go in race and Amrita’s rasam now.

Durga and her friends run via the window. Durga goes for registration. The man says registration got closed. Durga runs on the road. Yashpal and everyone are on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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