Meri Durga 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police arresting Madhav. Amrita tries to stop them. Durga thinks is everything fine, dad looks worried. Yashpal thinks he has to do this for Durga’s sake. He leaves. He takes lift from someone and goes to the place. Billu and his man wait for Yashpal. Yashpal meets them and gives the box. He asks for money. The man gives him money. Yashpal thanks him. Yashpal goes. Billu checks the box and does not see the idol. He sees toys inside.

The goon angrily hits Yashpal and make the money fall off his hand. Yashpal says things are inside the box, why did you beat me, I have kept your belongings safe. Billu asks him to say truth. Yashpal says I got the box as it was, I did not see the things. The man says he is lying. Yashpal says why are you lying. Billu shouts there was idol inside,

which I have stolen from workshop. Yashpal asks which idol, it had jewelry, would I not know if there was idol, I don’t believe this.

Billu says I have kept that in box, where did idol go. Yashpal says I don’t know anything, you tell him what you about the idol. Billu takes hockey stick and beats Yashpal. Someone comes and holds the stick. Madhav removes the helmet and shows his face. Billu gets shocked. He beats Billu and his men. Police comes there. Amrita comes and slaps Billu.

Yashpal recalls hearing Madhav. He says I can’t cheat to fulfill my needs, my honesty and respect are everything for me. He shows the idol to Madhav and Amrita. Yashpal tells everything to Madhav. He says I did not had money to pay Durga’s fees, its my mistake, I agree, I can go jail for this. Madhav says why will you go jail, you did not do wrong, one who did this will go jail, just bless me, I will manage everything. FB ends. Police catches Billu. Madhav scolds him. Yashpal says this phone has his crime recorded. Madhav recalls telling inspector to give him a chance to catch culprit. Amrita says we are decent people, if you support us, we can show courage again. Inspector agrees. FB ends.

Inspector frees Madhav from all blames and praises him for his plan. Yashpal thanks Madhav for trusting him. Madhav says I should thank you. Amrita smiles. Sheela sees mangos and sits to eat. Dadi asks her not to eat, its her fast. Durga massages Dadi’s legs. She asks Dadi not to make someone admit his lie. Dadi tells her.

Dadi takes mangoes from Sheela. Dadi says thief can come out on own by fear. Durga thinks about fear and smiles. Yashpal, Madhav and Amrita come home. Amrita smiles. Yashpal sees Durga sleeping. Everyone see news about Madhav and Amrita, who found the stolen idol and also got the culprit arrested. Annapurna and everyone smile. Annapurna asks Bantu to give food to Madhav. Amrita says I will give food to Madhav. Shilpa gets upset. Yashpal cries and says forgive me, I can’t pay your fees, don’t take tension, I will come your school, there will be some way.

Madhav holds Amrita’s hand. Durga says I know about my copy. Sanjay and Aarti hear them. Yashpal goes to pay Durga’s fees. The man says she is our school’s running champion. Yashpal gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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