Meri Durga 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga standing in the line. She does not see Prince. Prince looks at her side. His friend comes and hugs him. Aarti comes there and takes him. Durga does her work and goes. The guys get Durga’s Id card. Aarti gets shocked seeing the card. Durga takes the card. Aarti fails to see her. Peon calls for Durga Choudhary. Aarti turns and sees Durga. Durga goes. Aarti gets angry and says is this same Durga, she came back.

Aarti goes to Sanjay and says she has come. He asks who. She recalls Durga and says Durga. He asks what, Durga in this college, you said this is a big college, she can’t come here, I got info about that Durga, she is college lecturer. Durga gets another ID. Sanjay reminds how Durga left school, she has no courage to meet our eyes. The college guy hears Sanjay

and thinks to teach him a lesson. New students are called to write something. Sanjay and Durga write. Durga writes she hopes to meet new friends. Sanjay writes he hopes not to meet old friends.

The guy throws color on him. He scolds Sanjay. Sanjay throws colors on the guy. The guy moves. Color falls on Durga. They both fall down and see each other. Durga says SP. He says Durga…., Aarti looks on. Durga goes. Principal asks them what’s happening. Durga thinks why should I hide, I did not do anything wrong. Durga shows Sanjay hiding. Principal catches Sanjay and scolds him. The guy welcomes Sanjay to his college. Principal gives warning to Sanjay. Aarti thinks Durga did not do right coming here. Sanjay act to help Durga and applies more colors to her face. Everyone laughs. Sanjay gets angry and scolds Durga. Durga looks at him.

Annapurna asks Yashpal why is he worried. He says you know everything, Durga has kept her past within, she is not willing to get that out, she does not want anyone to know her past, I want to heat that lava inside her, I want her to come out of that cage, and live life freely, I want her to clear that stain on that forehead, I want her to live as old Durga, it was necessary to send her to college, wait for some days and see.

Durga thinks Sanjay has applied black color to my face. Sanjay asks her did she cheat and get admission in the college. He tells Durga’s past to everyone, that she had taken drugs to win the race at the age of 14 years, she had ruined our school and village name. He calls her a cheater. Everyone call her cheater. Durga runs away.

Durga washes her face. Aarti comes there and taunts her. Sanjay says its my bike. Constable asks from where did he steal it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just really can’t understand dat y diz durga listening d sp nonsense infront of all. I just really hope she vil recover soon and boost her confidence in life.

  2. Why is Durga acting so dumb in front of this arrogant SP? Why can’t she show the same confidence as in the market and with her cousin Bantu? Please Durga time to shake yourself girl ! Stop letting people trample on you!

  3. I honk Durga should do Wat she came to do n leave I also think Durga friend will make prince understand that she never use drug

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