Meri Durga 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga wins the race

Meri Durga 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shilpa saying this news will affect Durga. Durga recalls Sanjay. Annapurna prays to Durga Maa and asks her to punish her if Durga did any mistake. She says do justice with my daughter today. She holds diyas in hand and takes rounds. The race announcement is made. Vipul, Sanjay’s family and Durga’s family see news. Vipul says we will see how she dies. Aarti says if she wins then, it will be tough to complete with her. Gayatri says relax, you will win the national championship.

Durga gets ready for her race and says I have to win this race any way. Sanjau gets ready. The man counts down. Durga begins to run. Sanjay drives the truck. Yashpal waits for Durga. Truck Driver gets his phone and calls Neelkant. He says a young boy took my truck, I didn’t see him before. Gayatri says it means Sanjay, why will he drive truck. She recalls his words and gets shocked. She says this can’t happen. Amrita holds Annapurna. Durga runs. Sarpanch keeps an eye on the speed.

Durga runs faster. Shilpa thinks how can she run so faster. Yashpal is about to pull the ropes. Manohar sees Yashpal. Annapurna prays at home. Everyone sees the news and cheer for her. Durga is about to come in front of the truck. She runs faster and passes by the truck. Durga wins the race. Truck goes after her. Everyone gets happy. Sanjay runs to see Durga. Yashpal and everyone get happy. Brij shouts Durga has won. He gets silent seeing the line. Amrita hugs Annapurna. Durga sits holding her aching feet. Dadi cries seeing the taunts on wall. Annapurna comes to her.

Dadi apologizes for saying bad to Durga in anger. Annapurna hugs her. Dadi says see where did Yashpal go when we needed him, leave everything now. Annapurna says Durga is your beloved grandchild. Brij cries and goes.

Sanjay sees Durga. Piya…..plays… Gayatri calls him and asks him to come home fast. He says okay and ends call. He covers his face. Sarpanch gives interview to the media. He praises Durga. Sanjay thinks you are real champion Durga, I m proud of you, forgive me, I m going very far. He sees Durga.

Yashpal sings Ek dusre se….. He hugs Brij. Brij blesses Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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