Meri Durga 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Annapurna saying Dadi asked us not to tell about Amrita, I know when fate is bad, we should not play with it, if Amrita’s proposal breaks, her life will become burden. His glasses fall and break. He says its fine, I can manage. She asks him to read the book and snow. He asks are you testing me. He could not read. She asks how will things work. He says I will get glasses repaired later. She wishes someone was there to think for Yashpal. He says leave it. He asks Durga to get ready fast.

Amrita asks him will he come late. He says yes, what is it. Amrita says I wanted to thank Dulaari for the dish. He says fine, have this phone, take welfare of them, there will be no problem after marriage, they will also look like family. He goes. Sheela smiles.

The man gives

keyboard and mouse to Durga, and explains her how to use computer. He asks her to shut down system properly, else it will get damaged. He gives the keys to Yashpal and asks him to lock cafe when he goes. He leaves. Bantu looks on and thinks now my work starts. Yashpal gets glad seeing Durga using computer.

Durga says I wanted to know this theorem, its easy. Yashpal smiles and prays for Durga and Amrita. Amrita calls Rishi and thanks him for dish. Rishi talks sweet and says I love you. Amrita smiles. Durga sees the online video of maths theorem. Bantu comes there and hits on power lines to cut electricity. Rishi asks Amrita why is she not saying anything. She says I can’t believe this, as someone said this for the first time. He says I trust Lord, he will sign you that I love you. She asks what sign. He says thundering, lightning, or anything, you have to feel it. She sees power gone and says I got the sign.

Yashpal and Durga worry seeing electricity gone. Durga says that man asked me not to shut down directly.

Bantu runs. Yashpal worries. Durga checks the computer. He says what will we do now. Amrita smiles thinking of Rishi. She asks Annapurna to sleep. Annapurna says no, I have much work. Yashpal says I m not getting sleep. She asks why, do you and Durga not have to go school in morning.

Its morning, Yashpal asks Durga to talk good. They come to internet cafe. The man asks him to keep keys. Yashpal says I will pay for the loss, I did not know. The man asks what happened, Durga would have not studied, as power went. Yashpal says no computer got damaged. The man says no, its fine, see. Yashpal says I m worried, see Durga, its fine. Durga smiles. The man asks Yashpal to come and use computer. Yashpal says no, its fine, thanks. He asks Durga not to worry, he will arrange a computer for her. They leave and come to school.

Yashpal asks peon how much this computer costs, I want to buy one for Durga’s studies. Durga’s friends and Shweta argue. Shweta calls Durga and Yashpal thieves. Durga gets angry and throws Shweta’s books. Durga and Shweta fight. Shweta’s book falls, which has Yashpal’s money. The man tells Yashpal that no need to buy computer, everything can be seen on youtube on a phone. Yashpal asks really and shows his phone. The man says this is junk, I m saying about costly smartphone.

Shweta and Durga fight. Durga defends Yashpal. Shweta scolds her. Durga cries and says my dad is not a thief. Shweta misses to pick her book, which has Yashpal’s money. Durga’s friends console her. Durga picks her stuff and finds Shweta’s book with the money. She thinks how did she get so much money.

Sarpanch comes to Yashpal’s house and shouts. Durga hears Shweta and cries. Doctor tells Yashpal that Amrita’s disease is her fear.

Update Credit to: Amena

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