Meri Durga 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay and Yashpal take necessary measures

Meri Durga 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga practicing. She sees Yashpal and recalls him. Haan ye rasta hai tera….plays…. Annapurna, Yashpal and Durga stay worried. Its morning, the media tells about Durga’s stunt, if she loses, she will lose life and respect, she is brave to attempt. The people say Durga will not let them get peace. The announcement about the race is made. Durga comes there and thinks this try should get me a wild card entry in inter district race. She prays.

Gayatri does aarti. Sanjay greets her. She asks him to take prasad. She says pick any one laddoo, one has your future as I want and other has nothing. He picks the laddoo. She shows the engagement ring inside. Sanjay says if everything goes fine, I will get engaged to Aarti, I gave my work, Durga’s failure will decide

my future, but my breath will fulfill the promise to Aarti’s dad. Shilpa sees Durga talking to reporters. She thinks to do something that Durga loses the race. She thinks to break Durga’s heart and distract her.

Annapurna worries. Amrita asks where is Yashpal. Annapurna says he would be out. Amrita goes to see. Gayatri says my truck will end Durga today. Driver says get ready to die Durga. Sanjay catches him and makes him faint. He takes the driver’s disguise and covers his face. Sarpanch sits in the truck with him. Sanjay thinks if anything hapens to Durga, I will give up my life, all the best to both of us. Yashpal thinks of saving Durga if she gets late to reach point on time. Everyone sees the news. Annapurna says I will not go. Dadi says Durga does strange drama, what’s the need for her to do this.

Amrita says she is doing a last try to save our family respect, we should become her courage. Dadi says she is useless, its better if she dies. Annapurna asks how can she say so. Amrita says our Durga will work hard and win this time. Shilpa comes to Durga. She asks did none come from home for you, I m here, don’t get sad, all the best.

She shows her Gayatri and Aarti’s pic. Annapurna and everyone pray for Durga. Annapurna says this is your test, Durga is not wrong, you have to support her, she needs your blessing. Shilpa says Gayatri is doing Sanjay’s marriage arrangements. Yashpal looks on and thinks Shilpa is diverting Durga. Shilpa asks Durga to win. Durga stops and scolds her. She says you are saying this to break my courage, this won’t happen. Shilpa goes. Durga says I don’t have to think about SO, focus… Sanjay says I will just pray we live together and die together.

Annapurna prays for Durga, Durga runs and competes with the truck. Dadi says this is abshagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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