Meri Durga 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying I will not run. Yashpal asks why, won’t you take revenge of the stain you got, I m always with you, you don’t need to get scared, shut their mouths. She says I will not run, end this. He says I felt you will get your lost respect and pride back. People joke on them. Durga gets angry and gets a stick, asking them to come ahead and talk now. She asks how can they insult Yashpal, they should be ashamed. She asks them to leave. Chandni says maybe she forgot her status. She has got her mum insulted last time, and this time her dad will be insulted, maybe she has forgot what happened 5 years back. Durga asks them to leave. The people pass taunts and go. Durga recalls what all happened and cries.

She goes out and sees the bad remarks on the wall. She says my family

had to bear insults, village’s dreams were incomplete, I promise I won’t do anything that my family has to bear anything again. Durga cooks some food. Sheela and Brij wake up. Durga asks Annapurna to let her make morning tea. She asks her to smile a bit. Yashpal wakes up. Durga gets tea for him. She stays annoyed and asks him why did he invite the village. He says I have been waiting since 5 years, we did not talk anything till now, I could not wait. She asks him why did he not ask her first. He says you run and win the race, then everyone’s mouth will get shut, I knew you will not listen to me, I thought you will listen to me if I say in front of everyone. She says I m your daughter, will I come in anyone’s pressure. She asks him to have tea. He says I m not like you to get anger on tea. She asks him to drop the matter. He says I m serious, you know why I was calm till now, it was the calmness before a big storm, this is necessary to clear the stain, why don’t you understand. She asks him to sit.

She says you can ask me anything, I will agree, not this. He asks anything, really. She says sure. He says fine, I will first think. She says fine, think till evening, I m going. She goes. He says she thinks she is smart, she does not know me, I will get many ideas till evening, you see you will go away from stall and practice for race. Durga goes out. Bantu comes in way and taunts her for taking drugs. She stops him. She makes him fall down and laughs. Sheela too falls down and scolds Bantu. Bantu says this cheater did all this. Sheela scolds Durga. Yashpal looks on. Durga helps Sheela. She says Bantu was worrying for me, so I was helping her, don’t make me do anything that I don’t want to do.

Yashpal comes to Annapurna and says I got a way to make Durga run, I will tell in evening. Durga gets her BA correspondence form by her friend. Her friends ask her to study in college, instead studying from home. He says its fun, college life is good. Durga says correspondence is best, I won’t have to go anywhere, go now. She sells vegs. Yashpal comes and says I got clothes for you. He laughs and says I got form for you. She says I filled the correspondence form. He says my form is better, you said you will give me anything I ask, don’t refuse now, I want you to study from regular college. He tears her form. He asks her to forget what happened 5 years ago, you got scared of people’s taunts.

Prince is seen entering the college.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want to know about madhav and amrita

  2. I am so happy that sanjay is coming but I gussed aarti too.. ohh ghosh… love trangle

  3. The inconsistencies in this story are staggering. Yashpal’s celebration of the end of five-year ban shows that he accepted this unjust incrimination. Instead of fighting for justice five years ago, he now wants to push his daughter, five years later, to run again and run into the same corrupt system that destroyed his family.

  4. Yes what is this rotten track? So the family, Yashpal especially, has not done anything to fight to re establish their honour all these years? How can Durga resume running in these conditions? Her reputation is STILL tarnished! People will continue to taunt and harass her, poor thing! Writers you should know better! I am sure you will find a way to restore Durga’s innocence and expose the culprits! Please do that. Otherwise the story is doomed to fail.

  5. Who is playing sanjay’s role ???

    1. Paras Kalnawat will be playing post leap Sanjay Prince

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