Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector asking Yashpal not to lift daughter on shoulders to educate her, learn using computers. Yashpal asks what. Inspector asks what did you learn in class. He helps her and shows maths knowledge on computer. He says take her to cyber cafe every day, she will learn a lot, computer has vast knowledge. Yashpal thanks him. Inspector says there are less people like Yashpal, Durga study hard and make him proud. Durga thanks him. Yashpal and Durga greet him and leave.

Durga says forgive me. Yashpal says no, fate is bad. She says no, I told my friends I don’t want to study, they did this and we landed here. He asks why. She says I don’t like standing on your shoulders and studying. He asks how will you pass. She says I can’t see your pain, I will work hard and pass,

how can I focus standing on your shoulders. He cries and hugs her. He says its my mistake, not yours, I should have not taken wrong way. He wipes her tears and says its good, inspector showed us easy way to study, see how I arrange internet. She says I don’t want to go school and home. He says fine, I know where to take you.

He takes her to have golgappas. He feeds her golgappas. They laugh. Amrita is busy in work and gets color on her face. Rishi comes home and sees Amrita. He says I was missing someone and came. Annapurna asks where is haldi and comes there. She sees Rishi. Rishi greets her and says mummy has sent this dish for you. He says this is our love. Annapurna says thank you mum from our side. Rishi says I have to meet pandit, I will leave. She goes.

Yashpal and Durga are on the way. She asks why do you give important to studies and get after me. He says because no one supported me to study, I wanted to study, my dad died when I was young, then I had to work hard, I liked going school. I used to see school from far, I became peon instead student, then I understood, just the pen can end poverty, so I m ready to fight with the fate, so that you make your fate. She says really, I will make your name shine. He laughs. She runs. He asks her to wait.

Rishi shows Amrita’s pic printed on his tshirt. She smiles. He signs her about the color on her face. He shows her face in his bike mirror. She cleans the color. They smile. Coach meets his friend and asks him to sign on permission letter. The man says I know we are childhood friends, but give me some respect, I m principal here. Coach requests him well. Principal says Rajbeer this is picnic list or competition list, 21 girls and 7 guys, what will you do, their parents will have problem. Coach says I will explain parents.

Principal says management will ask me, girls don’t get any medal, why to spend on them. Coach says run after talent, success will come. Principal says I will run after my job if the girls don’t get medal. Coach says medal will come. Principal says leave the girls, focus on guys. Coach says keep the file, I know you have medal tension, I feel that girl who is made for this girl, I will get her in this competition. Principal says so you are doing this to find that girl, who is not in this list, who is she. Coach says she is unique, very soon Haryana will know her, you will get famous to find her. Principal signs and says I trust your friendship.

Yashpal tells Durga that he used to eat many golgapps being in her age. She sees her friends and asks him to stop cycle. She says I will ask them about homework. He asks her to come soon. Durga meets her friends. They ask how did you come here. Durga tells them about jail. She scolds them for putting her in problem. They run away. She runs after them. Yashpal comes to internet cafe. Bantu hides seeing him. Yashpal says I want some help for Durga’s education.

Durga’s friends apologize and explain her why they did this. Durga says inspector was good, he suggested me how to study. They ask how. Yashpal says someone told me that Durga can study on internet, like you donate books to her for study, you will get good deeds if you let her sit on computer. The man says no, you are ideal father in this village, you are educating your daughter, I m lucky to help you, I will give you keys of cafe at night, you can return me. Yashpal thanks them. Bantu hears this.

Durga says I will fulfill my dad’s dream. Sheela says I won’t let Yashpal’s dream get fulfilled. She tells her plan to Bantu. Yashpal says Amrita is right, we will show her to doctor, I think we should tell everything to Dulaari. Annapurna worries.

Durga and Shweta argue. Shweta calls her thief. Rishi says I love you to Amrita. The man asks Durga to shut down computer property. The power goes. Durga tells Yashpal that computer got shut.

Update Credit to: Amena

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