Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal showing the earrings to Sheela. He says Amma gave this to me for Amrita’s marriage, this is the asset she saved since many years, she wants me to use this, I think you have right on this more than Amrita, take it, I m elder, I always took things from you all. Sheela smiles and takes earrings. Brij and everyone look on. Yashpal gets ache in shoulders. Sheela acts and goes to Amrita. She says Yashpal has big heart to give this to me, but I m not so small, take this. She asks Amrita to keep it. Dadi smiles. Sheela blesses Amrita and hugs her. Durga thinks Yashpal is hurt because of me.

Brij asks Sheela how did she give earrings to Amrita after such big argument, you have sent relation for Amrita by me, I know you don’t love and respect Yashpal. She says fine,

I have anger in heart, but I m good hearted, I know you gave 2100rs to Yashpal, did I say anything, everyone hear what I say and does not see what I do. She keeps sheets for him and asks him to sleep on ground. He says listen to me. She says I don’t want to talk. He says sorry. Brij sleeps on ground. Sheela thinks small happiness before big wound makes wound deeper.

Durga says if I go Bhiwani, problems will end. Amrita asks what happened, tell me. Durga says I was thinking to lose weight and did not have food. Amrita says you are not fat, you are lovely. She shows a shooting star to Durga and asks her to pray for exam fast. Durga prays for Yashpal. Amrita says now see your exams will have good numbers, don’t worry.

Its morning, Durga’s friends think to solve Yashpal’s problem. They see Shweta and run to her to make her hear that Durga is learning from coaching class for free. They tell everything. Shweta hears this and thinks to tell this cheating to Saraswati Sir.

Yashpal and Durga reach the coaching class. He asks her to stand on her shoulder and study well. Shweta stops Sit and tells about Durga. Durga’s friends look on. Durga says maybe Sir won’t come today, shall I come downstairs. Yashpal says no, he will come. Shweta waves to Durga. Durga sees her. Saraswati Sir and the other man find Yashpal and Durga looking inside the class. He insults Yashpal.

Yashpal and Durga get worried. Yashpal says listen, I will talk to Sir, I paid 550rs and was settling it. Sir says we will settle all the accounts, we will not talk to thief, we called police for you. He asks constable to take Yashpal. He says Yashpal did theft. Yashpal says no. Sir says he was stealing education. Yashpal says I was educating my daughter. Durga gets scared. Yashpal gets arrested.

Yashpal and Durga sit in the police station. A man stares at Durga. Durga gets scared and hugs Yashpal. The man laughs. Durga says this is my dad. Inspector comes and asks for FIR.

Sheela and Dulaari meet somewhere out in village and hug. They eat the sugarcane. Sheela says we got saved, Yashpal did not hear anything, Brij doubts on me. I handled him, but I have to be careful. Dulaari says you think you are smart, so you got insulted all these years. Sheela says no, the day Yashpal called me illiterate, I decided to make his daughters illiterate, I stopped Amrita from getting educated. FB shows Sheela paying money to the man to scare Amrita and stop her from going school. FB ends. Sheela says Yashpal wants to educate Durga now, you support me.

Dulaari says we have profit by this marriage, we have to become Chudails. Sheela says we are already Chudails, we will ask money from Yashpal. Dulaari says he will lose respect. They laugh. Dulaari says its imp to break Yashpal’s daughter’s heart, but first her heart should fall in love, you give a smartphone to Amrita, so that she can talk to Rishi, once she gets habitual to him, he will make her mad in love, when her heart breaks, she will get a shock. They laugh.

Yashpal asks why FIR. Inspector asks what’s the case. Constable says he was stealing education. Yashpal says no, the coaching centre guys cheated me, I m peon of govt. School, my principal gave me recommendation letter. He tells everything to inspector. He cries and says I swear, I did not steal anything. Durga says my dad did not do any theft. Inspector says if I knew this, I would have not called you here, I m sorry, there won’t be any case on you two. Yashpal thanks him.

Rishi smiles seeing Amrita. Durga says I will not study now. Yashpal asks why. Sheela tells some plan to Bantu and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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