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Meri Durga 15th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal giving the sweets Durga. He thanks Subhadra. She asks him to have breakfast. He says I will come later. She says fine, you may get late for work. He sees Durga’s sandals. Durga gets ready for school. He misses to see Durga at home. Durga and Yashpal leave. Durga comes school. Aarti and Sanjay joke on her. Durga replies them well. Teacher comes and greets them. She tells them about the test, the marks will be added in half yearly exam. She gives them the papers. Durga reads the question paper.

Yashpal meets the man. The man asks him to go to the school for working in the fair. Yashpal gets glad and thinks to see Durga. He thanks the man. Aarti smiles seeing Durga. Teacher asks them to stop writing and takes papers. Durga smiles.

Rajveer sees Durga and

stops her to ask about exam. She says sorry Sir, my paper went well, I had liked writing, I will pass. He says great. She goes. Madhav goes to make tea. Amrita makes the painting. The utensils fall. He arranges it. She goes to him and asks him not to make noise. He says I did not switch on light. Amrita asks him to change his habits, I will complain to dad if you come downstairs at night. He says fine, I can make tea today, go and make painting. She falls down. He tries holding her and falls down. He saves her from getting hurt. She falls on him. The colors get on his shirt. He says superb, you try to control yourself, you would have lost your small mind. She thanks him. He asks her to think before complaining, I will tell Yashpal that you fell on me intentionally and spoiled my clothes, go and give me tea items. She gives him the items and goes. He makes tea. She smiles seeing him and makes painting.

He drinks the tea and spits. She thinks I gave salt instead sugar. He looks for her. He goes upstairs. Its morning, Durga thanks Lord and prays for getting some food. Some kids play and a mango falls down, rolling to Durga. She picks it. The boys come and ask for mango. She says stop, tell me from where did you get this. They show the tree. She thanks Lord and asks them to come. She climbs the tree and plucks the mangoes. She gives mangoes to all the boys and gets some mangoes for herself. She comes to school.

Teacher says suspense is over, I have all test papers in my hands, all marks are there, see your marks. Durga gets shocked seeing her paper. Subhadra thinks what to do, where is Durga. Durga comes home. Subhadra asks her marks. Durga says 15 out of 50. Subhadra says tell me, you passed or failed. Durga says fail by 5 marks. Subhadra asks did you fail, what did you do. Yashpal waits for Durga’s call. Subhadra says I work hard for you, I got you to study and become big officer, but you failed. She gets Brij’s call. Brij asks about Durga’s result. Subhadra says Durga got good marks, she passed. Durga thinks why did Subhadra lie. Everyone get glad. Yashpal asks did she really get good marks. Subhadra says yes. Dadi and everyone thank Lord.

Durga takes the phone and says I worked hard, really. Yashpal says I m happy with your marks, I m proud of you, Subhadra is like Mata Saraswati, she is making your life. Durga thinks I can’t tell Bua’s truth. Subhadra takes phone and goes. She says Durga is missing you all, I will manage her, you don’t praise Durga, else she will think she just have to earn less marks, no need to meet and call much, Durga will try to get better marks and make you glad. He says you are right, you know much, her life changed, I will do as you say. Durga thinks to tell real marks to Yashpal.

Madhav holds Amrita when she slips. Shilpa gets shocked. Yashpal comes to Durga’s school for the fair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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