Meri Durga 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga accepts Sanjay’s challenge

Meri Durga 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal confronting Gayatri for harming Durga. She says I m helping her as Sanjay’s life is in risk. He asks why, why does he come to our house and trouble us, when he is getting engaged to some one else. They argue. Sanjay asks Durga to race with him, which will prove if tomorrow’s race is deadly for her or any new way. She asks him to leave. He asks why, did you get scared.

Durga agrees on his insistence. She accepts his challenge. Yashpal scolds Gayatri. She asks him to stop it now. She says Sanjay tried to help Durga always, same thing is happening today. Durga shows the red cloth. Sanjay keeps the remote car and thinks Durga’s speed should be high to match this.

Manohar drives the car at the decided speed. Durga drops the cloth. The remote car comes

in front of the car and blasts. Durga closes eyes. Sanjay runs. Yashpal says if anything happens to my Durga, I will burn this Lanka. She says you are threatening me. She makes guards take him. Guard slaps him. Yashpal curses Gayatri. He asks her to remember, if she tries to harm Durga, it won’t be good. She gets angry. Sanjay asks Durga to see, her speed is not enough, try to understand, if this happens with you, the car has blasted, you can’t run again if you meet with an accident. She says I just have to run, else I accept the death, I don’t want to die by losing without racing. She thanks him. He cries. Durga goes with Manohar. Gayatri gets angry. Neelkant comes to him. She asks him not to spoil her mood. Neelkant tells her how she met the truck driver and ensured Durga dies in an accident. She gets glad and says Durga will leave from Sanjay’s life.

Yashpal talks to reporters and defends Durga in front of them. Durga comes home and smiles hearing him. Yashpal says Durga is my daughter, she is my blood, she can never do wrong. Durga comes and asks the reporters to come with her to know about race. Sanjay comes home. He collides with Aarti. She asks are you fine, we did engagement shopping today. Everyone hears Durga telling about her race. The sarpanch says its just her talk, don’t come in her words. The people get against her.

Durga thanks sarpanch for giving her a good idea. She says I want you to direct the race and sit in the truck to know she didn’t do any cheating. Sarpanch denies. Durga says I didn’t get a chance to prove I didn’t do anything wrong, you are elder and everyone trusts you, no one can testify my truth. Sarpanch agrees to keep a watch on the race. Durga smiles and thanks her. Gayatri asks Sanjay where is he going. He thinks Durga is in this state because of me, if she dies, I will also not stay alive.

Durga sees Yashpal worried and thinks I will win tomorrow. Sanjay tells Gayatri that Durga’s failure will decide his future.

Update Credit to: Amena

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