Meri Durga 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shri asking Durga not to cry, I will teach you, just ask me what you don’t understand, smile now. She goes to freshen up and asks Durga to get books. Durga takes the phone. Shilpa reads the newspaper and says Yashpal is doing all this to make Durga talk good english, you did not get me educated. Shilpa tells her about Madhav, he is Amrita’s boss, we have to do something to clean Madhav’s image. Shilpa asks why, do we have to make Madhav Yashpal’s son in law. Sheela says no,, he will become my son in law, if Yashpal knows Madhav is Amrita’s boss, he can get annoyed and make him out of home, Amrita will help us.

Subhadra thinks Durga did not hear anything, else she would have done something. Durga informs her friend about Subhadra keeping her as maid. He asks her

to come back. She says no, I have to fulfill my dad’s dream, he has sent me away, I will not run away, I will focus on studies, I will not become maid if I work for elders, if Amrita works at home, is she maid, no right, I can also work here. She turns and sees Shri. Subhadra comes. Shri asks Subhadra to explain Durga, she was crying, I will make you prepare for test. Subhadra thinks Durga was crying for test. She says you did not tell me, I will make food for you, I did not ask Durga about her test, I m sorry.

She acts sweet. She asks her to study, I will get food for you, I told you to eat something, I know you did not eat. Durga says no, I don’t want food. Shri asks how can you study empty stomach. Durga says no, I will feel sleepy if I eat more, right Bua. Subhadra says if you don’t eat, how will you get energy to study, I will get good. She goes. Shri teaches Durga.

Yashpal waits for Amrita and is worried. He says I will go and see her. Annapurna thinks he can know Madhav is Amrita’s boss. She stops him and says Amrita will come. Madhav and Amrita are at workshop. She goes to show him a painting. He says pink color is not suiting this, change it. She says color can’t be changed. He says then change painting. She asks now? She sees the time and worries.

She makes the new painting and sees clock. She says dad will be worrying at home and works faster. She takes the painting to show Amrita and collides. The color gets on her face. He laughs. She shows the painting and says I made it as you said, I will make it later, I m going home. He says I m also going home, you can come along. She says no thanks. He stops her. Yashpal comes there. Madhav walks close to Amrita.

Madhav asks Amrita to see the mirror. Amrita sees her face. He says you started showing art on your face. He gets a call. She cleans her face. Yashpal comes there and sees her. He asks why did you get late. She says there was much work. He asks her to come. They leave. They talk on the way that they are missing Durga.

Durga sits studying. She misses Yashpal. She says I will complete studies and do work to help Bua. Aarti greets Rajveer and says Durga would be practicing english for the test, she did not come. Rajveer says if Durga misses training then… Jaggi asks him to be strict with Durga. Rajveer says Durga does not know about competition, she is a born athlete, I want her to realize her talent, I m helping her, it will take time. Jaggi says but you don’t have much time.

Subhadra sees Durga cleaning floor. She says I will clean clothes, go and study. Durga says no, I will wash clothes. Subhadra says why did she change. Durga washes clothes. Yashpal comes there. Subhadra gets shocked. He says I came to talk about job nearly, I thought to meet Durga, its her exam today. Subhadra thinks I won’t let Durga meet Yashpal, she can tell him that I make her work. She says she went to school, she was missing everyone, she was saying she wants to go back, I was tensed, I explained her, then she studied with Shri. He thanks her. Durga works at home.

Teacher gives test papers to Durga. Durga tells Rajveer that paper went well. Amrita and Madhav fall down. Durga says I worked hard, don’t know why I failed, don’t tell this to dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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