Meri Durga 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying we should investigate the matter, Durga is a runner, she will make our name shine, we should check once. Neelkantt scolds him. He says you have given the steroids to her during the training, I understand your game, you chose this way to make her reach here, I have to get enquiry done against you, you will not give training to anyone, you are not deserving. Rajveer gets shocked. Neelkant says I will end your career for defaming our school.

Durga and her family cry. Dadi says they all got mad, Lord will not forgive Chandni for doing this. Sheela says calm down, what will happen if you cry now. Durga cries. Rajveer comes there and gets shocked seeing everyone’s state. He sees Durga and says I know you are courageous and can face all problems, you don’t lose.

He asks Yashpal why did he not say anything, they have to find out who has blamed Durga and ruined their family respect. He asks Durga to recall who has given her the jalebis, who was around her. Durga recalls the insult.

She says I m in my senses, did you see my mum’s state. Rajveer says I know this happened wrong, you will lose and sit, then they will win, will you let them win, who blamed you and did this with your family. Durga says I know I m not made to run, I hate running. She runs away. They all call her out. She reaches home and sees bad things written on the wall, she is called a stain on village name. She cries recalling the insult. She sees Sanjay there. The family comes home. The neighbors laugh on them.

Yashpal gets angry and scolds them, defending Durga. She says Durga needs you all, are you not ashamed to do this. The people call him mad and fraud. He asks them to listen. Amrita hugs Annapurna and cries. Durga says tell me Prince, you know me. Sanjay says you did not do anything, you deserve special media, I got it for you. He gets slippers garland and make her idol wear it. He says this is your true identity. She cries. Sanjay asks her to see. He burns the idol. He says now I can never trust anyone. Durga’s friends look on. Sanjay says you never come in front of me again, I hate you, I will do anything if you come in front of me. He goes. Everyone sees the bad remarks written on the walls. Brij asks who has done this. Everyone goes inside the house. Dadi shuts door for Rajveer and Durga. Durga burns the certificate and shoes. Rajveer asks her what is she doing. Durga cries and says I have finished, I will never run from today. Yashpal and Rajveer look on.

Yashpal plays dhol. Chandni asks what happened. Durga is seen as grown up girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So they took leap in the story without catching the culprit?
    To hell with this crap show!

  2. Disgusted with this show! So Durga accepts defeat and the evil doers win once again! Rotten show!

  3. Mad furious Satya

    So,evil does win. So much for datya mei vijayte. My a#se. What will the leap prove. Nothing. 5 years is a long time. She will always be remembered as a drug cheat.

  4. What the hell was that?! Such stupid overreactions and OH the leap without even sorting out things! Horrible!

  5. Leap is good agar culprit ko pehle hi pakad lete to story kya reh jaati aur iske saath we r able to see parishti’s hate waala love I like the leap and now this time Durga will come back with rock.

  6. Mithila Farzana

    Yayy..finally the leap..waiting for parsthi..

  7. Mahadev Desai

    What happened to checking CCTV footage. And where is Madhav? To
    He leap in the story is confusing.

  8. Every other serial is filled with negativity, TV serials were supposed to be a medium of entertainment but even they are filled with negativity. Meri Durga turned out to be the worst in this aspect.

    1. No actually many athletes have to face this…in reality too….so they are showing reality

  9. bShit show

  10. Are they stupid how can they take a leap without proving her innocent

  11. The most disgusting, hate-filled nightmarish show in Indian Television. The producers and the writers of this show must come from the same stock as depicted in the villagers who destroyed Durga and her family. Dishonesty, cruelty, and inhuman treatment of fellow human beings has reached an incredible new height in this show. Only Indian Television can show Indians like animals, not like humans!

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