Meri Durga 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: A protest against Durga

Meri Durga 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal consoling Durga. Some women come there and protest against Durga. Yashpal and Rajveer protect Durga and ask the women why did they come. Sanjay asks his men to find Sharma. The man tells him that Mahila morcha has reached Durga’s house, they are insulting her a lot. Sanjay worries. Yashpal asks the women to leave. The woman says Durga should be ashamed, she has crossed all limits of shame, we will not leave her. She asks the woman to apply black color to Durga’s face. Durga and her family gets shocked. Aarti looks on. The women throw stones at Durga and her family. The women get inside the house and catch Durga to apply black color.

Durga shouts stop this, my parents have just asked me to run on track, not in life, you can apply black color on my face, but

I have a condition, only that woman will come ahead and apply me black color, the woman who didn’t get cheated by her husband till now. She asks them if there is anyone whose husband is Lord, who gave them Devi’s status and respect. She tries to explain them how men are using this thing to break them. She swears that she will apply black color to her face on her face if anyone of them did get insulted by their husbands till now. The women stop. Sanjay comes there and looks on. Durga cries and says you would have recalled the time, when this happened with you, when you had no proof of your truth, except your tears, I have no proof, but I promise I will bring my truth out, there are cheap people in the society, who can go to any extent to ashame women, will you all support me.

The lady says we all are with you, forgive us, we tried to misunderstand you, you said right, we should remove such sick minded men. Sanjay looks on and cries. Everyone supports Durga. The lady says we will not do anything wrong with an innocent woman, we won’t need such money. Sanjay hears them and gets shocked. He thinks they have come here by taking money from some man, he maybe the one who has framed Durga. He follows them. Aarti says I will not bear this, how can that woman do this, pay them more money. The women meet that man. He asks the women why didn’t they insult Durga, just go and do the work. Sanjay thinks who is this man. The lady says its good we met Durga and got a chance to know truth, we will show you regret or not. They beat the man. The lady scolds the man. They all go.

Yashpal says Durga has raised a voice for those women, who has no courage, you are Durga Maa’s Swaroop, that SP doesn’t know you are my Durga. She says I m not wrong, I can’t fall weak, I won’t lose easily, I will prove my innocence. Rajveer says yes, SP did this to make you out of the race, you should focus on zonal race. Durga says I want SP to prove my innocence.

Sanjay follows the man. Durga sees Sanjay’s car and follows him. Sanjay sees the man meeting Aarti. Durga and Rajveer look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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