Meri Durga 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga going to Shilpa and Bantu’s room. She gets some red color. She takes the phone and thinks whoever made fun of my poverty, whoever hurts my dad’s heart, I will not leave such person. She throws a glass and goes. Bantu wakes up and cries saying my eyes are burning. Sheela worries and says someone has put chilli in Bantu’s eyes. Brij asks how did this happen. Dadi asks Bantu to calm down. Bantu says I don’t know. Durga goes and keeps phone back. Amrita comes there. Durga asks what happened. Durga recalls how she gave the phone to Amrita. Amrita asks how did you know I needed this. She refuses to use Bantu’s phone.

Durga says this is their punishment, I did this to teach them a lesson. Amrita asks how to take selfie. Durga shows her. Amrita takes a selfie.

Durga asks her to smile. Amrita clicks selfie and sends to Rishi. Durga says I have done a good thing, now I will delete this. Amrita says Sheela is shouting, what happened to Bantu, did you do anything. Durga says I had to settle scores. FB ends. Bantu says Durga has done this. Durga says I was sleeping, I did not do anything. Bantu says Durga is lying. Durga asks Amrita to say. Amrita takes Durga’s side. Dadi says Amrita is true and simple, she said Durga did not do this. Sheela asks who did this then. Sheela worries.

Amrita asks if anyone knew it then. Durga says I did not get caught. Amrita says you made me lie today. Durga says its good to keep bad people away. Amrita says putting chilli in eyes are wrong. Durga says no, I just added color, not chilli. Amrita says you love me a lot. Durga says one day I will do such thing that everyone keep seeing. She hugs Amrita.

Coach makes the kids run in field. The boy complains. Coach acts strict with him. He asks the boy to keep running. He says its tough for them to become champions, how to make donkeys horses. The man asks where is that girl whom you want to make champion, you don’t know her name and address. Coach says I will get her, the universe will make me meet her, that day I will put wings to her, she will fly high that she earns big name.

Yashpal takes Durga to attend coaching class. He asks Durga to stand over her horse, I have power, I will keep this cloth over my shoulders, its few days left now, come. Durga feels bad. She gets on his shoulders and looks inside the class.

Annapurna tells Amrita that Baby gave her good suit, and Durga has clothes too. Amrita thinks of how she got unwell. She asks shall we go to doctor, before anything happens suddenly. Annapurna says I will talk to Yashpal. Durga studies seeing the class. Yashpal feels ache and stands. Saraswati Sir hears Durga and asks who is there. Durga gets down Yashpal and they hide. They leave from the coaching centre. Yashpal takes Durga to school and asks her to go to class fast. Principal scolds Yashpal for coming late and in such dirty clothes. Durga looks on and cries. Yashpal apologizes and says my cycle went inside the dirt pit. Principal asks him to go and get tea.

Durga goes to class and asks teacher can she come in. Teacher asks her to come. Durga sits in last bench. Her friends see her. Dadi gets Annapurna to the room. She gives her gold earrings. Annapurna asks how did you get this. Dadi says my husband gave this to me when Yashpal was born, keep this. Annapurna asks why did you not wear this. Dadi says we don’t make ornaments to wear, but to use on needful time, when Yashpal and you are with me, I don’t care of my old age, keep it. Annapurna cries. Dadi blesses her. Sheela looks on.

Teacher asks who will answer this question now. Durga raises the hand as well. Teacher asks what happened Durga, did you get kite in dream. Students laugh. Durga says no, I will answer. Teacher jokes. He asks her to answer the problem.

Durga tells the solution. Students look on. Sheela tells Dulaari why she wants to make Yashpal and family leave house. Durga says I don’t want to give any exam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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