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Meri Durga 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal and Annapurna saying Durga is innocent. People beat them up. Brij asks Bantu and Shilpa to take Durga. They take Durga. Durga asks them not to beat her dad. The villagers disrespect Annapurna. The lady says Annapurna will always remember this insult after losing her hair. She cuts Annapurna’s hair. Everyone gets shocked.

Sanjay gets angry and throws things recalling Durga. Aarti asks what is she doing. He says no, Durga can’t do this. Aarti smiles and provokes him against Durga. Sanjay recalls Durga and sees her pic. He says she acted good and made my friendship fall low, I will never forgive her for this. He crushes and throws the pic. Aarti smiles.

Yashpal shouts no. Durga and everyone cry. Dadi asks what did you do. Annapurna gets in shock. Lady says

this cut hair will always remind the insult, the cheat she taught to her daughter, this is the punishment. People laugh and insult them. They all walk over Durga’s poster and leave. Durga cries seeing Annapurna.

Sanjay thinks of Durga. Aarti shows her medal. She thinks to do something as he is still thinking about Durga. She says the people who want to go ahead with shortcut, their reality comes out in front of everyone, Durga showed innocence and broke our friendship, she deserves that. She says I m so glad that I did not lose, I m the winner. She tries to cheer him. Shri comes to them. She scolds Sanjay and says you have ran after her to get her friendship, when you got a chance now, you are doubting on her. She asks Aarti not to talk in between.

Shri scolds Aarti. Sanjay says reports had it written. Shri says anyone can fake reports, you should trust Durga, do you think she can do this, she needs someone who trusts her, go to her, its time to keep your friendship, she is broken. Aarti gets tensed and thinks to stop him.

Rajveer is also interrogated about Durga’s steroid taking. Rajveer says Durga never took any steroids, she is cheated, I will find out who did this. He sees Aarti’s coach and says I will expose the person. The man says Durga is banned for 5 years, you got saved. Aarti does drama to stop Sanjay. She acts good. Sanjay thinks I wanted to know Durga’s side of story, but now he is not interested. Aarti thinks their friendship is finished forever. The man says we can’t do anything now. Rajveer says before ruining her career, can’t there be proper investigation. Neelkant comes and asks him to be happy for Aarti’s win, he should not support any cheater. Rajveer says Durga is not any cheater, she has eaten jalebi at temple, she has visited Sanjay at the hospital too, we should go there and find some clue, there is CCTV in hospital, that temple is close, if we know who kept the jalebis there, we will have real culprit in front of us. Neelkant worries.

Rajveer asks Durga to recall who has given her the prasad. Durga recalls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Too much negativity in these serials. To all concerned: Please bring a bit more love, joy and happiness

  2. I do hope the writers aren’t planning on using this 5 year ban to bring a leap in the show. The truth must come out and not be forgotten by the writers or even postpone the truth for 5 years. Let all those woman who insulted and humilated Durga’s family endure the same punishment as they carried out them, seems fair enough.

  3. Bakwas show,

  4. Ufcourse it’s hurting us with diz small and nice family insults but I really hope rajveer and durga vil surely support eachother and her innocence vil be proved soon. But y they r starting diz love and possessive angle starting in diz small age between durga aarthi and prince????
    I too heard dat madhav character is over but y and how???

  5. Disgusting show.

  6. What a disgusting neighbors, who hurts little girl for something like that. So what even if she cheats what rights do they have on them…shit stories like this boil my blood.

  7. Please try to use proper English when writing this…

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