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Meri Durga 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal agreeing to the peon. He says I will just get Durga for 15 days. Peon says fine, you paid for it. He asks Durga to study well and goes. Dadi says once Amrita gets married, Yashpal will get peace. Sheela asks what about my son, Bantu will come back home, there is no food, what will he eat. Annapurna goes to cook food. Dadi asks Sheela to make food. Sheela argues. She says who will eat homemade sweets these days, you know Dulaari asking for outside snacks always, its not good to upset Dulaari, you all decide. She goes. Annapurna worries.

Yashpal tries to jump. He makes Durga move back. He sees Saraswati Sir teaching kids. He asks Durga to stand over the cycle and see class going on. Durga says I can’t see anything. Yashpal says fine, get back. He moves cycle

and gets Durga over his back. She says I can’t see. He checks the wall height. He asks her to stand on his shoulder. She says your shoulders will ache. He says you are my daughter, your weight is not burden, when you study, I will be proud and happy.

Durga stands on Yashpal’s shoulder and looks inside the class from the wall space. She notes down. Coach asks where are the boys. The boys greet him. The man says they will not become good runners. Coach sends kids to make more rounds. Coach tells the men that when there are more participants, girls will be encouraged and become winners. The man says whatever girls do, they have to end up cooking at homes, what’s problem. Coach gets angry and goes.

He gets sweets and adds in savouries. He asks the man to eat now. The man asks what’s this. Coach says balance got spoiled, this bad thinking will end by balance of boys and girls, even girls should get chance like boys, who said girls don’t have any talent, they work hard. The man asks him to calm down and sit.

Yashpal gets tired. Yashpal dreams of Durga becoming a govt officer and coming home in a red light car. Durga sees Yashpal feeling hurt. She asks is it hurting, shall I get down. He says no, I m fine, don’t worry, focus on studies. Durga notes down. He says you will make me proud tomorrow. She says yes.

Yashpal and Durga leave. He gets backache. She says I told you will get ache. He says you are light weight, I m practicing, how was the studies. She says I m trying, but you are getting ache in shoulders and back. He asks her not to worry, I will not tell anyone, you also don’t say. She says if mum asks about shoulder ache, she can catch the lie. He says we will see.

They reach home. Yashpal says peon helped a lot, Durga studied today. Annapurna asks did you sit in class and study. Durga says yes, the seat was very good, I studied well. Yashpal and Durga lie. He says Durga will learn everything in 15 days. Dulaari scolds Rishi for meeting Amrita before marriage. Amrita calls him. Dulaari asks him to talk. Rishi answers call. She asks are you busy, shall I call later. He says no, I don’t have any imp work.

She asks about getting homemade sweets. He says you will make sweets, then add less sugar. She asks will Dulaari have a problem with this. He says she will not get annoyed, I will manage everything, you have to give something. She asks what can I give. He says selfie, I want to see you, send me your pic. She asks how, Yashpal’s phone has no camera. He asks her to send by Shilpa’s phone, I will wait. She smiles and ends call. She thinks to take Shilpa’s phone.

Durga goes to Yashpal and sees him sitting with aching shoulders. She goes to massage his shoulders. Yashpal smiles and says these hands are not to massage my shoulders, you will study well and become a big officer, so that you make my head high. She hugs Durga. Durga wishes to end his pain.

Its morning, Shilpa takes chocolate from Bantu and eats. He says I got chocolate from Annapurna’s money, when she asked me to get milk. Amrita and Durga hear them and feel sad. Shilpa and Bantu say our dad is taking care of Yashpal’s expenses. Amrita cries and says now I can’t ask for Shilpa’s phone. She goes. Durga says I have to teach them a lesson, if Shilpa said she will give phone, I will get it for Amrita.

Sheela worries for Bantu. Durga studies at coaching class. She then solves maths problem in the class.

Update Credit to: Amena

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