Meri Durga 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying my kite got cut, the child who gets this kite will get jalebi and Rabdi. Aarti and other kids run after the kite. Rajveer sees Durga and thinks you have to run today Durga. He asks is there anyone who can catch this kite before falling, is there anyone who can run faster than this kite. Durga stands quiet. Everyone look at her. Senior says nothing will happen now, she is standing there. Rajveer says there is no one, everyone is lost, no one has courage to run faster than this kite. Durga thinks of the race. She sees the kite.

She asks kite not to act clever, I have to study and not see you. She turns her face away. She sees the kite again and thinks I will catch the kite for the last time, then don’t trouble me. She sees the kite. Rajveer looks at her

and smiles. Durga removes her school bag and puts it down. She starts running. Rajveer gets glad. Durga runs faster. Chori do bilanki……plays.. Rajveer asks Durga to run more faster, this ground is smaller for you. Everyone get amazed seeing her speed.

Amrita tells Annapurna that Madhav is her boss. Annapurna asks why did you not tell me before, if Yashpal knows Madhav is your boss, he will be annoyed, he does not like Madhav, leave the work. Amrita says I wish I could leave work, I don’t want to pay penalty, I can’t burden dad. Yashpal hears them. He says I m your father and know everything, what happened, I m joking.

Annapurna says since Amrita started going for work, she is not having food. Yashpal says yes, she looks weak, how is work going on. Amrita says good. He says I don’t get afraid to answer anyone, I m glad you decided to overcome fears. He goes. Amrita says I can’t tell this to Yashpal. Sheela hears this and thinks Amrita is glad, Yashpal will make Madhav leave from home if he knows he is Amrita’s boss, what will happen of Shilpa, let this be a secret.

Durga runs faster than boys. Everyone look at her. Rajveer cheers for her. Aarti sees Durga. Durga runs ahead of Aarti. Aarti makes Durga fall down. Rajveer and everyone get shocked. Aarti runs to catch the kite. Aarti gets the kite. Durga looks on. Rajveer sees Aarti catching the kite. Aarti smiles. The kids praise Durga. Durga cries. Everyone clap for Durga. Rajveer gets surprised. Principal tells Rajveer that you were right, start Durga’s training. Rajveer gets glad.

Shilpa goes and smiles seeing Madhav exercising. Amrita comes there. Madhav sees her. Amrita sees Shilpa seeing Madhav in the mirror. She throws a tshirt at Madhav. She says this is village, not your city, you work out in room, no need to show anything. He says I m not showing anyone, explain the one who is seeing me. Amrita asks Shilpa to come with her. Madhav says villagers…

Durga learns spelling from her friend. She says I can’t study english, I will fail in test, everyone laughs on me. Her friend says you will learn till then. Sanjay and Aarti look on. Sanjay says she got me expelled from school. Aarti says she made me lose race. Sanjay says I will see her.

Madhav likes art made by some lady and talks to her. He praises the lady and avoids Amrita. She argues with him. Amrita shows her painting. Madhav dislikes the painting and tears it. Amrita says I will prepare painting at home. He says no one will go home till work completes, you complete the painting by staying in office. Amrita goes angrily. Teacher tells teacher to keep test tomorrow, instead next week. Durga asks tomorrow, I m not prepared. She worries.

Durga says I won’t get time if I work so much. She hears Subhadra’s words. She serves snacks to her friends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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