Meri Durga 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga makes a risky plan

Meri Durga 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti’s dad asking Sanjay to get engaged to Aarti and promise him that he will marry her. Sanjay gets shocked and takes Aarti aside. Aarti asks won’t you do this for Durga, we should think for her dreams. Sanjay says even if I agree, what’s guarantee that you will help Durga. Aarti’s dad says we decide by words, I will keep my promise. He threatens Sanjay.

Shilpa shows her earnings. She gives a note to Bantu. Shilpa tells Dadi how she sells the jewelry by her intelligence. She sees Yashpal and says I m his boss in shop, he jumps on my sign. She taunts Durga and Yashpal. Durga says house got divided, but relations didn;t break, you should think before saying. Shilpa reminds she can say anything and they shouldn’t care. Durga hits the money. Shilpa scolds her.

Durga says its my house and ball, I can do anything.

Shilpa says you are responsible for all this. Durga says when time changes, everyone hears it. The manager says Sir signed these papers. Sanjay agrees to get engaged. Gayatri congratulates Aarti. Durga argues with Manohar. He says you like to die, fine come with me. Gayatri and Aarti come to buy jewelry. Shilpa sees Gayatri and thinks to impress her. Gayatri says Sanjay will marry you soon, Durga was never suitable for him. Shilpa hears them. She attends them and shows jewelry. She makes Yashpal help her. Shilpa says I think I saw you. Aarti says I m national running champion, Aarti. Shilpa tells about Yashpal’s daughter Durga. She asks Gayatri is she SP’s mum. Yashpal thinks to leave, else it will be an argument. Shilpa thinks to tell Durga about her boyfriend’s engagement. Manohar makes Durga stand on the road and says you want to die in front of truck, you stand her, you will know everything.

Durga thinks its not easy. Manohar says you didn’t understand, if you get late, truck will get over you. She sees a speeding car and stands in middle of the road. Manohar stops her and asks did she go mad. She says I will not change my decision. He says fine. She says we will go to newspaper office, we will tell our plan to everyone. He asks her to think once. She gets determined.

Sanjay calls Durga. Morey piya….plays….. Sanjay thinks to see her once for the last time. They cry. Durga says I can’t come to you and can’t let you come to me, I have to forget you. Its morning, yashpal gets newspaper. He reads about Durga. Sanjay reads the same news. They get shocked.

Yashpal says Durga won’t let us live. Durga looks on. She says I will not lie and not fail your trust. Sanjay promises Durga that he will get her back to the race. She refuses to take his help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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