Meri Durga 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Amrita is there any problem. Amrita cries. He asks are you fine, what happened to you. Yashpal says this man said just 550rs. Saraswati Sir says its entrance exam fees, did you come to buy frock. Yashpal says principal gave recommendation letter, lower the fees. The man says fees is 12000rs, I asked for 10000rs. Yashpal says I don’t have money, if you said before, I would have not paid 550rs. The man insults Yashpal.

Yashpal says you mean one who does not have money can’t educate kids. Durga says my dad does not have money, but he buys sample papers any ways for me, sky is at same level for you and us, why are you differentiating, dad wants to educate me, you sit here and eat samosas, I will study and show. The man asks her to get out. Yashpal says we

will go, give me 550rs back, you cheated me. The man says what fraud. Yashpal says you did not say about the fees. The man scolds them and asks them to leave. Yashpal says you lied to me.

Amrita drinks water. Shilpa finds them and teases Amrita for being with Rishi. She asks shall I leave. Amrita says no. Shilpa asks Rishi for a treat for hiding this. Rishi says we did not hide anything, come. The men throw out Yashpal. Yashpal calls them liar. Yashpal and Durga get sad. The people stare at them. Yashpal asks Durga to come. Peon stops them. He asks Yashpal to learn worldly things. He says I can help you, calm down.

He gives tea to Yashpal and does not ask for money. Yashpal complains about Saraswati Sir. Peon says they are fraud and just want money. Yashpal says I would have never gone there, atleast I would have not lost 550rs. Peon says come with me, I will not let your money get waste, there is a way, meet me after coaching class tomorrow, now you go. Yashpal asks why are you helping me when you work for them. Peon says we both are peons, so we are brothers, I know value of 550rs in a poor man’s life, they won’t understand this, so I want to help you. He goes. Yashpal and Durga leave.

Rishi, Amrita and Shilpa have chaat pani puris. Amrita sees Rishi. He helps her. He pays the man and asks them to come. He asks Amrita to make him hear her sweet voice sometimes. Amrita smiles. A guy comes and asks Rishi about Amrita. Rishi says she is your Bhabhi. He sends Amrita and Shilpa in a rickshaw and smiles.

Durga and her friends have a talk. Durga tells everything what Saraswati Sir did. They think what to do. Durga says a peon is helping us, I can study for free. Yashpal tells everything to Annapurna. She worries and asks what about 550rs. Yashpal says good thing is Durga studied well, she can get good marks in exam, our fate does not go hand in hand. She asks him not to worry. He recalls the peon’s words and says maybe he can help me. He tells Annapurna about peon helping him.

He sees Amrita hearing them and asks her to come. He asks Amrita to make Durga ready in morning.

Its morning, Yashpal and Durga leave for coaching centre. Shilpa asks Amrita to talk to Rishi. Amrita tells Rishi’s number. Shilpa pulls her leg. She asks Amrita to talk to Rishi. Rishi and Amrita have a talk and smile. Yashpal and Durga wait for the peon. Durga says maybe peon won’t come. Yashpal says I also feel so. Peon meets them and asks them to come after him. Peon shows the wall and says Durga can study from here by looking inside the wall opening. Yashpal says no, this is wrong, how can I make her walk on right path by teaching her wrong. Durga hears and says Sir’s voice is coming. Yashpal thinks.

Yashpal makes Durga stand over his shoulders and look into the class. Annapurna asks Durga did she sit in class and study today. Yashpal worries. Amrita talks to Rishi. He asks her to give something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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