Meri Durga 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga makes a plan

Meri Durga 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga thanking the lady. Secretary argues with her. He asks her to give him money to do the work. He demands two lakhs. Durga gets shocked. She asks him to do the work he got. He says I will do work after 10 days. She says I will do your complaint, she is still in city. He says sorry, don’t tell her. He goes and puts letter in dirty water. She gets shocked.

He asks her to run to madam and then get new letter. She donates some coins to him. She says you like begging, take this bribe. He scolds her. She thinks this is my belief on my talent, one day the world will know it. She leaves.

Yashpal is on the way. A thief follows him. He snatches his bag and runs. The thief collides with Durga. Yashpal and everyone shout for help. Durga runs after the thief. Yashpal

follows. The men recognize her and say she is running too fast. Durga catches the thief. She kicks him and scolds for theft. The man says give him to police. The men praise Durga’s bravery. Yashpal comes and says thief snatched my bag. Durga gets shocked seeing him.

Durga gives his bag. He turns to go. The men ask him to thank the girl for saving his bag. Yashpal gives money to her and goes. Durga thinks I know this is your blessing. She says I have to think how to get his respect back. Sanjay recalls Aarti’s words. Gayatri says sorry I m not able to help you, Aarti’s dad is not wrong, he won’t listen to me. He says I have to help Durga, if I have to do this to fulfill her dream, I will do this. He calls Aarti and says I have to meet your dad tomorrow. Gayatri smiles.

Durga walks on the road. She hears a lecture on Bhagat Singh, who stood against injustice. Everyone claps. Durga recalls the words and gets an idea. She says Bhagat Singh is still big inspiration for me, thanks for showing me right path. Durga comes home. She tells her plan. Amrita says you know everything, why are you taking this risk. Durga says there is no other way, I have no time to wait for minister. Amrita says I know this race and dreams are imp, but its not imp than your life. Durga says life would be imp when I was living, seeing dad’s insult, I m dying every moment, I have heard big things.

Durga and Amrita meet lawyer and ask him to make affidavit for not blaming anyone for her death. Amrita asks him to think once, its not right to risk life. Durga says I will be glad to do this to awaken the system. She signs on the papers.

Some people check Gayatri’s house. Anjana asks what is she doing. Gayatri welcomes Aarti’s dad. He says Aarti likes you and your son a lot, so I came here to meet him, where is he. Gayatri asks Sanjay to come and meet Aarti’s dad. Sanjay comes. Aarti’s dad says he didn’t greet me till now, he doesn’t like my coming. She says no, its nothing like that. Sanjay greets him. Aarti’s dad says everyone knows my time is valuable, Aarti told me you want to get Durga’s entry in race. Sanjay says yes, she is my childhood friend, I promised to get her entry. Aarti’s dad asks what about the promise which your family made to Aarti to make her bahu. Aarti asks her dad will you help SP. Her dad says never, I won’t do anything that hurts Aarti, I will help Durga, but we have a condition. Sanjay looks on.

Durga argues with Manohar. Yashpal reads about Durga’s risky race. Sanjay also gets shocked reading the same.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It looks like a small child is writing this story because of which the story cannot be kept straight.Why is yaspal not having any job? how is he managing without any money?Suddenly he gets this job in a jewelry shop.The niece is married but is staying in her parents house without her husband.One event is not connected with another .As usual the women in the story are the worst betrayers of women .Kya bakwas.I have yet to find someone who has run and made a life for himself.No college for anyone now it appears.So what was the point in bringing that villian from college?

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