Meri Durga 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga finding Rajveer upset. She asks why is he outside school, what happened. He says I m removed from school. She gets shocked. She asks why. He says people don’t understand my perception. She says I will talk to principal. He says you won’t go there, sit, its not a big thing. She says they did bad. He says you have to study here, don’t do anything that they get annoyed. She says I will not study in such school where bad happens with good people. He asks her to wait. She goes.

Sheela scares Dadi of TB. Annapurna asks how can this happen. Dadi rests and worries. Sheela asks her brother Madan to go, doctors are not needed here, there is just one doctor who can treat Dadi well. Madan says its my duty to tell everything clearly, Dadi’s cough is first stage, her health

will get bad. Dadi worries. Madan fools them.

Dadi says I will make Yashpal read the list. Sheela says Brij loves Dadi and will pay for medicines. He says now I will keep coming here. Dadi says I m feeling unwell. Madan asks her not to worry. He goes. Dadi calls out Yashpal and Brij to come to her. Durga runs on road and says I will say truth to principal. Rajveer asks her to stop. He sees the truck coming and shouts to her to see ahead. He shouts Durga and pushes her aside. He scolds her.

Constable sees Rajveer and thinks he is troubling a girl. He goes to teach him a lesson. He asks Durga is this man troubling her. Durga says no. Rajveer says she is running away seeing problems, she should face problems, if she loses, everything will end. Durga says I know him. Rajveer says I don’t know this girl, I know Durga who runs for his dad’s dreams. He encourages her. She thinks Rajveer is right, I promised dad that I will support her. Rajveer asks constable to arrest him, no one needs me. Durga says no, you go. Constable thinks they know each other and leave.

Someone comes in exhibition and sees idols. A man fights and gets everyone’s attention. Madhav tries to handle situation. He says Murli is old and loyal servant, maybe he has hit you by mistake in crowd. The man scolds Madhav and aims gun at Murli. Madhav and Amrita get shocked.

Sheela says this is medicine that will make Dadi cough all day. Dadi says I won’t take any medicines. Annapurna gives her medicines. Dadi says Radha told me that there is one treatment for this illness, she kept fasts and illness went away. Sheela says medicine will make you fine. She insists her to have medicines. Dadi agrees to have medicines. She asks Sheela to have fasts instead her, as Sheela is much worried for her health. Sheela goes. Madhav says police is here, you will get arrested, keep the gun down. He apologizes to all people. He sees Amrita and they run back to the idols.

Yashpal waits for Durga at bus stop. Rajveer drops Durga and asks her to practice running. He goes. Durga sees Yashpal and thinks did he see Rajveer. Yashpal and Durga leave in bus. Madhav and Amrita see the idols and thank Lord. She observes an idol and gets shocked. She sees someone hiding. Madhav sees Amrita and asks what happened. Amrita says Mata Rani’s trishul is missing. Madhav sees the person. He catches the man wearing saree. Amrita gets hurt. Madhav holds her. The man runs away. Madhav and Amrita worry.

Madhav says Amrita, that idol is very imp. The man sells the idol. Durga prays for Yashpal. Yashpal gets some parcel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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