Meri Durga 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga jumping happily. Chori do bilanki…..plays…… Rajveer and Yashpal run to Durga. Everyone gets glad. Aarti gets angry. Neelkant talks to Aarti’s dad and says don’t worry, its part of my plan, Aarti will get medal. The man praises Durga and proudly announces that Durga is their national champion. Everyone cheers for Durga. Durga smiles. Aarti is announced as first runner. She gets the prize. Durga is called on stage. Everyone clap for Durga. Durga gets the medal. Media asks Yashpal what will he say now. Yashpal smiles. Durga says our village will get railway station now. Aarti’s coach goes to the judges. Durga starts leaving.

Durga and everyone leave for the village. The villagers welcome Durga’s family playing dhols. Minister makes Brij wear garlands. Lady

makes Annapurna wear garlands and praises Durga. They all get seated. Minister says we will make Durga lay the foundation of railway station, according to my promise, I will give 50000rs to Durga and honor her. He asks pandit to start bhoomi pujan rituals.

Amrita tries calling Madhav. Sheela asks where is Madhav. Amrita says he will be coming. A man stops Rajveer and says Durga broke all records, we have to do enquiry. Rajveer asks why, for what. The man says we got a complaint, some questions are raised on her victory, we want to ask her. Yashpal says what is there to ask, she has won in front of everyone. Rajveer asks who is asking for enquiry. Aarti’s coach says I did this. The man says we want to know if she has won by having some medicines. Yashpal says she is fine, why will she have medicines.

The man says we mean such medicines which will boost her energy, its banned in sports. Rajveer asks what are you saying. The men argue and say we want to do Durga’s blood test. Yashpal says she is a little kid, she is honest, she does not even cheat in exams, she has reached here by her hardwork.

Rajveer asks Durga to go for the tests and then slap the truth on their face. Neelkant recalls seeing Sanjay giving chocolate to Durga. She refuses to it. Neelkant asks Sanjay to give prasad to Durga. He says I will keep this prasad in Hanuman temple, she will have it. His goon keeps the drugged jalebis in the temple as prasad. Durga takes jalebi to consume. She eats jalebi. Neelkant thinks Durga has eaten the medicine, poor girl. He asks Yashpal not to worry, he is Durga’s school trustee and knows Durga’s capabilities, she can’t do this. Yashpal says yes, she can’t do this.

Everyone gets worried seeing the news about Durga. The man says I regret to say that this is not Durga’s victory. Rajveer says this can’t happen. The man says we found drug traces in her blood. Durga and everyone get shocked. Rajveer checks the reports. Reporter tells about Durga failing in the dope test. Durga cries. Sheela and Shilpa smile. Reporter ask Durga what does she want to say. Durga says I did not do any cheating, I have won by my hardwork. Rajveer, Sanjay and Yashpal look on. Everyone gets sad.

The people insult Durga’s family name. Rajveer asks Durga what did she eat in morning. Durga says I have eaten the temple prasad. Rajveer gets shocked. People hit stones at Durga’s family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really don’t get why this Neelkant is so against Durga from running. He is the father of Prince not Aarti. It cleary shows that this particular rich parent is not fit to be a parent at all. It’s hardly unbelievable that a grown up person will try to ruin a childs future, First it was Durga’s aunt and now it’s this Neelkant. It really is sickening to watch.

  2. Disgusting. I hope Durga comes back and clears her name with the help of Rajveer and Sanjay.

  3. Cause there is a chance of durga and prince’s relation

  4. Agar Durga innocent prove nahi Hoti hai to sub serial dekhne bi chhorh denge…Durga pe torture nahi dekh kids get shit message

  5. Sickening! Sickening! Making a child take drug-laced food so that her and her family’s life is destroyed! So that another child, Aarti gets credit! Bizarre. Totally bizarre.

  6. I really find this twist in the story a very ugly and dirty twist!!! Hey writers I do hope you will find a way to prove Durga’s innocence before the entire nation! Or else I will stop watching this serial. REALLY REALLY DISGUSTING!!!

  7. I say ‘before all the nation’ because, up till now, nobody has yet unveiled the nasty plans of Subadra agai
    nst Durga… how she plotted to make Durga look like an untruthful daughter! Please don’t make this serial like another Kum Kum Bhagya where innocent people have to suffer to satisfy the greed of evil doers!

  8. I will no longer continue to watch this show. Writers are going to the extreme in every situation.
    Aarti’s behaviour towards Durga has always been extreme hatred. How can one child hate another so much especially one she does not know and is financially better of than.
    How can writers agree to go ahead with such a story? A 12 or 13 year old girl using enhancers. I hope they know they then have to go all the way and arrest and charge Durga because of so-called doping.

    Subadhra Durga aunt hates her to the extreme for no apparent reasons. Her uncle’s wife and children hate her and her sister for no apparent reason as well.

    Anyway I’m sure there are other people who are the prasad.

    Yashpal behaviour was extreme when he found out Durga was an athlete.
    Her grandmother behaviour was extreme.

    Give it a rest writers!
    I’m done with this show.

  9. Yes NaveenS you are right. Who will get arrested for using dope? Durga? Or will police investigate to find about the adult who has encouraged her to take drugs? Her parents? Her coach Rajveer? Will they be potential culprits? Will Durga be suspended from sports? Will police eventually find out that the jalebis were spiked and that someone, the honourable Neelkant put the drug in the jalebis? If so, then what will be Durga’s relationship with Sanjay Prince? Why so much hate against a poor innocent child and her family? Such a waste for a serial which was doing fairly well! By the way why is there so much hate in these hindi serials? D I S G US T I N G!!!!!!!

  10. Now how they will prove durgas innoscense……..else it will be boring… need to watch

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