Meri Durga 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti threatens Durga

Meri Durga 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking the servant to take care of Durga’s diet. Sanjay and Durga come home. Sanjay says I will take you both to ground tomorrow. Gayatri says Durga’s sleep should be good. Sanjay says I will take care of it. Durga says I m happy and I have won, I regret that I couldn’t save the house. They ask her not to worry. Durga gets Aarti’s call and picks the call on speaker. Aarti is on the way, driving. She says Durga you may win the nationals, but you will be called a murderer, you are responsible for my death. Durga asks what are you saying. Aarti says I m dying, because of you, people will call you a murderer after you win the race. Durga says I m not interested to hear this. Gayatri asks what’s this new drama.

Durga says do what you want, I know you well,

your dad couldn’t stop me, so you are playing this new game. Aarti says okay, I have prepared a shock, I have written your name on suicide note, just wait and watch, good bye. She races the car towards the cliff and screams….. while the car falls down the cliff. They get shocked hearing her. Durga says Aarti….. Sanjay says Aarti can’t do this, she is doing this to distract you, come and sleep now. Gayatri says yes, he is right, she just knows threatening, go and rest.

Its night, someone knocks the door. Sanjay and Gayatri go to check. Aarti’s dad comes and asks for Durga. He asks where shall I go to find Aarti, she has last spoken to Durga. Sanjay says don’t shout, Durga knows nothing about Aarti. Aarti’s dad asks Sanjay to call Durga, Aarti has disappeared. Durga comes and looks on. Aarti’s dad says Aarti is nowhere. Durga worries and thinks did Aarti say true. Gayatri says Aarti threatened to commit suicide and now you have come, what do you want. Aarti’s dad says call Durga. Sanjay says you can’t meet her. Gayatri says we will help you in finding Aarti, Durga shouldn’t know this, I don’t want her to get disturbed. Aarti’s dad says if anything happens to my daughter, I will not leave you two. He leaves. Durga worries.

Sanjay says I just know Durga’s focus should be on race, she shouldn’t know Aarti is missing, promise me. Gayatri promises. Sanjay goes to Durga and asks did you not leave. She says Aarti is missing. He says maybe she went to her friend, I promise I will find her, promise me you will focus on your race, don’t think about Aarti. She promises. He cleans the wall and shows her. He says you don’t have to get any hurdle come in your way, win the race and make me famous. He makes her sleep. He hopes Aarti is fine.

Its morning, Gayatri trains Durga. She encourages Durga. Durga gets shocked seeing Aarti’s missing pics. Sanjay goes to Aarti’s house and talks to the guard. He asks about Aarti. The guard says Aarti left yesterday afternoon, just leave from here. Gayatri asks why did you stop Durga, start it. Durga shows the missing posters. They get shocked. Sanjay says Aarti didn’t return home, Aarti has to come back. Gayatri asks Durga not to worry for this, focus on training.

Its night, Durga thinks of Aarti. Gayatri asks her to focus on training, if she worries for Aarti, how will she win the national race. Sanjay comes home. Durga and Gayatri ask him about Aarti. He says she is missing, Aarti’s dad didn’t file any complaint yet. Gayatri asks but why. He says exactly, why did he not file a complaint. Gayatri says it means Aarti’s plan is… He says yes, I can see Aarti’s dad planning this to distract Durga. Aarti’s dad comes with police. He asks inspector to arrest Durga, she has made Aarti out of her way, ask her where is Aarti. Inspector asks Durga did Aarti call you. Durga says yes, Aarti called. Inspector asks what did you talk. Durga thinks of Aarti’s words. Sanjay and Gayatri sign no to Durga.

Durga recalls Aarti’s words. She shouts. Sanjay, Yashpal and Gayatri worry. Gayatri says how will Durga win if this fear troubles her. Sanjay says just one person can help us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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