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Hello folk wish u all happy sankarthi or uttrayan or lohri i am back with a ts on raglak

So lets start
The early morning the sun rays disturbed my sleep urghhh i covered my face with blanket and within few seconds i was back to sleep but before i fell completely my phone buzzed i was no mood to check who it was i just ignored thinking it to be from office or family and for sure its not her because we broke up a week back and i feel that was my best decision ever but why am i still thinking of her may because she was the one with whom i was in relation for long may be because she loved me truly or cared for me truly because i love her and i know she too does but is angry and her anger is justified i did a stupidity and we broke up
My phone again buzzed
“who is this idiot don’t he have another work so distrubing my sleep in morning” i looked towards watch its not early morning but around 10 i slept late at night due to my work but still whose if i searched my phone and without seeing caller id i picked it

“hello” i said in sleepy tone “lucky i need ur help”the caller said i didn’t recognise who was it
“kaun who ever u are sorry talk to u later” i said but before i could cut “abeh gadde kumbkaran needh se jag its me sanskar and i need ur help”
“what sanskar what happened to ur voice” i asked being confused “see bear i know u love ur sleep but right know my sleep has ran away i literally need ur help”
“ok but what has happened bro” i asked being worried sanskar never sounded so worried before he is definetly in some trouble
“u just come to india i have booked ur tickets catch flight come to kolkata i’ll rest of things when u reach here” he hanged up
I was confused sanskar and me were best friends and cousin he was my mamu’s son we grew up together but some years back i shifted to Australia for my work its here where i met her ragini she was the best thing ever happened to me we were in relation for a year but then
Hey why am i thinking about that crazy
I got fresh and headed out my pa handed me tickets so everything is planned by him without delay i headed towards airport and left for flight to India
My flight landed in kolkata ahh this place is same as before its more than 2 years that i left

As i moved out of airport found sanskar waiting for me
As i saw him i called him and he waved i headed towards him and hugged him
“how are u bro”he asked
“good as before but what of u why did u call me in urgent”
“get into car when’ll reach home i will say”
We left and soon we reached rathore mansion
Mami welcomed me she is really a sweet women
“sanskar take him to ur room” sujitha said and headed towards kitchen to check aarrangements
Me and sanskar walked up as i freshed and came out sanskar wanted to speak something but mami called me down

Whole she didn’t let sanskar talk with me
“mom he is not going to run anywhere u can shower ur love tomorrow also” an irritated sanskar said seeing sujitha feeding laksh more though he denied
“ no need to get jealous” she taunted
“comeon mom i am not jealous i would be most happy if he gains weight and becomes ladoo”
“very funny” i faked anger yaar seriously how will u feel if with lots of effort u build body and ur soulmate friend say u become fat
After dinner we moved towards our room
“so tell what’s urgent u wanted to speak”
“its about swara”
“who is she” i asked being suspicious he never mentioned about her and his face looked nervous he took long breath

“ur would be bhabi” he said “what” i screamed
“u traitor u never said about her liar” and started hitting him with pillows and got top of him
“fraud i said abput all my secrets and u” i was punching him
Mami came in
“what is happening here” she asked then we realised i was sitting on top of him
I got up”mami ur son is liar he hided” before i could say he shut my mouth and asked mami to leave
“ when all this happened”
“ six months back”
“ so for this u called me here”
“no something more important”
“ swara is getting married and u have to help me in eloping her”
“what” seriously he has gone mad “u know what are u speaking”
“i know and i mean it”
“but why if u love each other then try to convince mama mami”
“its not that simple”
“and eloping is also not an option”

“it is only last way because”
Sanskar narrated how six months back they met and became friends and fell in love swara belongs to harayana her family is conservative she was in kolkata for some work they had already fixed her marriage she was engaged but not happy with that boy he is some bad boy types his parents are rich so swara’s family fixed her marriage with him swara tried to oppos but they didn’t listen and some time back when she said she loved sanskar they beat her and took her back with them to harayana their native sanskar tried to find about her but swara’s family warned him they even tried to kill him it was rp who came to save him
Rp sujitha got to know about it and they asked sanskar to be away from her sanskar couldn’t forget her he tried to contact her but failed
Swara was too completely broken she was not allowed to go out of house and was locked in her room
It was three days back that one of swara’s friend who returned from us informed sanskar that swara is going to get married he along with her made plan to elope swara but couldn’t because swara was kept in tight security
Fb ends
“omg this much happened and u are informing me know”laksh screamed
“sorry but i neef ur help”
“ok how”
“u have to enter swara’s house as puppy’s friend”
“oh oh wait whose this puppy” asked a confused laksh
“the one whom ur bhabi’ marriage is fixed”
“what” laksh started laughing “puppy what a name” sanskar smiled
“ok so listen to plan”

Puppy has a dream to settle in foreign but his visa was rejected twice because of criminal cases going on him and swara’s friend rags who have just returned from us will tell about u that u are harayana a very famous business man in us and searching for someone whom u would take along with u to foreign he would approach u, u have to befreind with him and enter swara’s house
“what a planning” laksh said having placid face
“i know its rags” said sanskar feeling proud for his plan
“ idiot this is the worst plan ever i heard i am sure that rags would be crazy srk fan so she picked idea from ddlj” laksh said in angry tone
“this is best”
“no ways i can gaurntee it would work”
“i bet it won’t”
“u are here to help me”
“this is crazy do u think that puppy would be so stupid to believe all this”
“more than u can think”??? “ just do as i say
Laksh pouted the the next day they both reached harayana along with one more friend karan

Laksh did as he was said and it worked
“it worked”karan said
“yeah know what next”
“rags will tell when u reach swara’s house” sanskar said
“but how will i recognise her”
“rags said she would visit temple with swara come lets go”
They reached temple and were hiding some distance away from them
When swara along with rags headed down stairs
Sanskar showed them
Seeing swara and rags he misunderstood sanskar he thought rags was swara
His world stopped ragini his ragini was sanskar’s swara when all this happened he fell unconscious seeing this

So guess hoe was this plsz givr ur valuable comments

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    It’s damn interesting yaar
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    Please do continue soon

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