meri dulhan ts (raglak) part 2

I was sleeping peacefully I was getting disturbed by water droplets I opened my eyes and found in some other place where was I then it struck to me oh fish we were in harayana sanskar karan were standing in front of me
“how are u know” asked sanskar
What to tell him when I myself is confused how can ragini do this how can she cheat me
Sanskar got call
“ha don’t worry ha everything will as per our plan ha ha sure ok bye love u” said sanskar and hanged the call
“laksh are u fine” his words struck in throat he was unable to answer anything or ask anything
Yaar how would u feel u if u get to know that ur gf whom u loved and broke up because of some stupididty ad when u are planning to patch up with her because u love her and u get to know that she has moved on with ur best friend brother and they were in relation from past six months and they are planning to elope u would feel cheated and sad on urself and on ur love
A sad background music was playing
Yeh duniya yeh ibadat mere kam ki nahi mere kam ki nahi
Laksh’s face had turned sad he was making crying face

After some time sanskar was waiting for some one
“who’s gone come” asked karan
“ur bhabi with her friend” said sanskar making laksh more sad
a girl entered the place where they were
She had covered her face with veil and shawl laksh was still sitting on bed
Sanskar moved towards her
She removed her veil and her face is revealed as ragini laksh was beyond shock and when she gave friendly hug to sanskar he faked cried on karan’s shoulder
Karan was confused by his behaviour he was seeing everything with blank expression laksh was acting dramatic
Ragsan moved apart towards laksh
Laksh had hided his face and was weeping
“laksh” sanskar called he raised his head which was red of tears
Ragini saw him and was shocked and was controlling her laugh he was looking dame funny but situation was to act shocked her EX-Bf what was he doing here
“tum” she said
“do u know him” asked sanskar and laksh again faked cry
“yeah” she said in sarcastic tone
“just yeah” laksh turned to her
“laksh what happened” asked sanskar
“ask her”
“why should I answer” she said throwing glare at him
“wait will u guess tell how u know each other”
“what will u do karan knowing our sad story”laksh said hugging him
“send this mad to some metal asylum” ragini screamed can’t able to digest his drama
He faked cried “stop ur drama”
“ha what ever I do will be drama only”
“rags what’s wrong”
“oh won’t u tell ur lover that once we were in relation and u were cheating me from past six months”
“what” all scaremed except him
“what the hell do u mean”
“same question I can ask u I loved u truly and u how can u ragini u were cheating me from six months so only u were finding ways to fight with me to break up and when I come here I get to know its my brother whom u love and are planning to elope” laksh yelled at her
Ragini couldn’t control herself know she slapped him
And left from their laksh had kept his hand on his cheek and saw towards sanskar who was glaring him and karan who was confused
“what bhai u idiot how can u be so stupid its not me and her its me and swara”
“but in temple”
“abeeh gade I showed towards swara not her , don’t u get that and she is swara’s friend who returned from US and before was staying in Australia”
“ohh” he said
Sanskar gave him impossible look
“u deserve some more slaps and punches”
“oh god” said sanskar keeping his plam on his head “its better that she broke up with u”
He made a cute pout crying face
“this is not going to work on me why do u behave so stupid some times” he said
Karan laughed as he understood everything know
Sanlak glared him
“sorry” he wishepered

Laksh entered swara’s house along with puppy and his friends
His eyes were searching for ragini
Ragini was busy in making swara ready
It was engagement
Ragini came with swara laksh was just memerised to see her
He waved her she ignored she was struck to swara not letting her alone with puppy and puppy was a kind of irritated by this
“ragini ji I won’t eat u friend u can give us some space”
“jeejaji don’t worry u would get lot of space after marriage” she said in sarcastic tone “in mind I won’t let u even be around her marriage is far away” she though
Swara was with her cousins
Ragini found some space she moved aside and laksh followed her
“hi” he said and she gave him death glare and ignored him
“areh yaar the girls here show so much attitude” laksh said a bit loud standing next to puppy all his firends chuckled
“Why what happened did u lost u heart to some here”
“Ha yaar” he said a bit dramatic
“tell who it is we’ll arrange u marriage also with puppy bhai” one of their firends suggested
“what is that possible”
Ragini was beyond shocked she knew about this village culture and she couldn’t trust this laksh he can do anything already she was in mess to help swara to elope and was in no mood to fall in another trouble
“ha in our village it is”
“ahh then I need to think” he said winking at ragini
Ragini was crusing laksh was walking towards swara’s room when a pair of hands pulled her
She was shocked it was laksh who pulled her in a room
He had placed his hand on her mouth and pinned her to wall
“don’t secream” he said moving aside and locking door
“what is all this laksh” she yelled
“ I just pulled u to ask what are u planning further”
“to ask this u pulled me like this”
“then what u thought” “omg ragini u have such naughty ideas”
“shut up laksh”
“ahh u are having naughty ideas and asking me to shut”
“u know very well what are u doing”
“really what”
“don’t be innocent what were u doing out their”
“what nothing”
“its waste to talk with u” saying she left
At night
Laksh sanskar and karan were at place where ragini had called them
She came
“so what is next plan” asked karan
“before discussing plan it is important that u all know completely about swara’s family”
“why what’s the need”
“the need may be in future so its important u know till where they have contacts”
“ok say” sanskar gave green signal
“ok swara’s family choudary’s are traditional a bit orthodox family they have age old thinking majority of decisions are taken by taau he is swara’s bade papa her father died some years back so all swara and her mother’s responsibility came on him. Taau has two son and the main motive behind this marriage is to reap the benefits from puppy, as u know puppy’s family is quite rich and a well known family in Haryana and have some political chords taau with help of puppy wants his one son to enter politics and other to get started with his own business”
“ohh why are u saying this story” an irritated laksh asked
“laksh what ever she said has some point”
“if swara elope’s then with the help of their contacts they can find us”
“exactly so our planning should be bullet proof and we need back up plan also”
“ok” all nodded
Ragini discussed some plan with them and they agreed

The next day
it was haldi function
all mens were sitting in house courtyard which was open and women were celebrating haldi inside no men was allowed their
laksh some how entered their in swara’s room
swara was in washroom and ragini was removing her duputta laksh came in
“what the hell are u doing here”
“what me” he looked towards her
“I just came to see u my darling”he said nearing her
“darling” she stamped his foot he winced in pain
“get out of here before I break all u r bones”
“areh what is this”
“u know well”
“are u still angry”
“can’t u understand in simple words”
Swara came out she was astonished to see both of them quarrelling
“ragini” she called
Raglak looked towards her and laksh smiled widely
“hello bhabi ji I am laksh”
“I know”
“u may know me as puppy’s friend but let me make a personal introduction of myself I am laksh maheswari sanskar rathore’s friend and cousin brother” swara smiled he turned towards ragini
“and this mad’s poor bf”
“shut up laksh, its nothing like that shona”
“ahh why are u lying ragini”
“u better go from here”
“waise I too have no interest to be here I am just here to meet my bhabi”
“bhabi u just don’t worry this human is here I’ll take u safely to ur sri ram” ragini glared him
“ yeah and I am going” he side hugged her
“and how do u handle this nakcadi” he asked before leaving and ragini heard it
“u” but he ran like anything swara chuckled
swaragini were tensed like hell tomorrow was marriage and their plan was to be executed today night
even sanlak kar were worried
sankar were making all arrangements
it was night and time to accomplish their plan
laksh came their with puppy and his friends he signalled ragini and she assured
swara was brought down and made to sit next to puppy he was struck to her
some dancers game whose face was covered
ragini started dancing along with her friends
Re lakk-dhak lakk-dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji
Re anpadh angadh jaat uthaaye
Uske to nakhre ji
Wo likhi padhi
Wo laal chhadi
Wo hukam kare
Bas khadi khadi
Bohraya sa jaat kare
Hain ji, hain ji, hain ji!

Re lakk-dhak lakk-dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji…
One of swara’s borther joined her on dance floor
Uski ankhiyan English bole
Meri anpadh ankhiyan re..
Baithe baithe la gayi dekho
He pulled laksh and he started mouthing lyrics irritating ragini
Dil ko mere thagiyaan re
Haaye mere paas se hoke
Phir wo DJ se jaake boli
Bhaiya tu decide kariyo
Ab beat chale ya goli
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Laksh held ragini’s hand
Jab wo naache
Mujhko uska face pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Ragini started dancing on lyrics moving around laksh
Haaye re mere bhole panchi
Padh na ulti pattiyan re
Bhool na mere saath khadi hain
Meri solah sakhiyan re
Tere jaise bade choudhary
dekhe hain marjaane
Song suna ke English ke
jo daale desi daane
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai..
Baby ko bass pasand hai..
Hey jaane ye kaisa asar hua hai
Hashar hua hai dil ka jo
Tujhe hai dekha
Jaise hun bhoola baaki sari duniya ko
(u can imagine salman and anushka’s dance) they were doing lots of fun and enjoying
Seamlessly piche tu pada hai
Definitely dheeth bada hai
Khud ko tu samjhe cool bada hai
Par fool bada hai..
Gusse mein red red ye face pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Haaye.. baby ko bass pasand hai
Now chori wanting dance
But chora want romance
So chora bole DJ se
Je you no taking chance
Dono haath hawaa mein karke naachein
Chori ghani se modern
Baby se jo panga lega ho jayegi problem
Laksh pulled puppy ragini found a chance all were busy in dancing
Karan was one among those male dancers
Soon ragini took swara aside
Whole family was busy in enjoying
She came back and danced with laksh so that no one gets doubt on other side swara was getting her dress changed
Chori chori hit se fire se
Sab ladko ki desire se
Yo chalta phirta fashion show
Baby bajli ki nangi wire se
Main paagal ho gaya tere piche
Dil mera teri heal ki niche
Takk takk bajti je dance floor pe
Aankhein meeche.. aankhein meeche…
Ragini left from their
Laksh noticed everything
She exchanged swara’s costume as one of dancer and she herself got changed in swara’s dress
Swara with help of karan escaped from their
Ragini came back and stood next to puppy disguising as swara
Speaker ka volume usko tej pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Ho Baby, baby ko bass pasand hai

Jab wo naache
Mujhko uska face pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Uh! Baby ko bass pasand hai

Re lakk-dhak lakk-dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji..
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Re lakk-dhak lakk-dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji..
Uh! Baby ko bass pasand hai
The song was over and all enjoyed ragini with help of one of her informed everyone that she had some work so she left
All were convinced
On other side
Karan and swara got escaped along with dancers group their was strict security at the gate of village
With lot of fear swara and karan managed to get out
Outside the village at some distance sanskar was waiting for them in car
They soon left for Chandigarh from their to delhi where they’ll get married in court and laksh had arranged some security for both
At night
Laksh entered swara’s room by window
“ragini are u fine” he asked
“anyone didn’t get a doubt na”
“ha till know everything is well hope swasan get married soon before these people find out something
“don’t worry all will go good”’
“u know every well after they get to know what will happen”
“ha we should be ready for that”
The next day
The barrat came and all got to know everything that swara had eloped
Puppy threw this turban in anger
He looked towards ragini
“today marriage will happen”
“but how”
He dragged ragini
“she was the one who helped swara na know I’ll marry her”
he said throwing her on ground all were shocked especially raglak they didn’t except this
Ragini looked towards laksh with teary eyes

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